What States Are Holding Primaries Today?

Donald Trump, GOP Republican primaries, democratic, today, march 8

Donald Trump is looking to win Michigan among other states. (Getty)

Both the Democratic and Republican parties will be holding primaries in multiple states on Tuesday, March 8. On the GOP side, four states are hosting nominating events while the Democratic party has two states holding events.

The Republicans have Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi all hosting primaries. Hawaii will also be hosting a caucus. There is a big focus on Michigan given its 59 delegates up for grabs.

According to RealClear Politics, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are favored in Michigan based on early polling. Trump has an average lead of 12.3 percentage points in Michigan’s early polls. Clinton is favored by an average of 21.4 percentage points in the Michigan Democratic early polls.

After the March 8 elections, the majority of states on the GOP side will be using the winner-take-all method for awarding delegates. Today’s primaries and caucuses will still be using some form of the proportional method where the delegates are divided among the candidates based on the results.

Mississippi and Michigan will also be holding primaries on the Democratic side. Like their GOP counterparts, Michigan has the most delegates at stake today with 148. The Democratic party uses the proportional method to divide delegates.

After today’s primaries and caucus, the focus of both parties will turn toward the March 15 events. Both parties will be hosting primaries in a number of states including Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Illinois where candidates will be fighting for a large number of delegates.