Jeanie Ditty: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jeanie ditty, mary grace ditty

Jeanie Ditty with her daughter, Macy Grace Ditty. (Facebook)

A 23-year-old active-duty soldier and her Army veteran boyfriend have been charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, police in North Carolina say.

Jeanie Ditty and Zachary Keefer, 32, were arrested last week in the death of Macy Grace Ditty, who died in December 2015 days after she was taken to the hospital, the Fayetteville Observer reports.

The couple was charged with first-degree murder and negligent child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury, police say. They are being held without bail.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Daughter Was Unresponsive & Covered in Bruises When She Was Taken to the Hospital, Police Say

jeanie ditty, zachary keefer

Jeanie Ditty and her boyfriend, Zachary Keefer. (Fayetteville Police)

The 2-year-old girl, Macy Grace Ditty, was unresponsive when she was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center on December 2, 2015, WRAL-TV reports.

Doctors told police she had bruises all over her body and an investigation determined she had suffered life-threatening injuries consistent with child abuse. Macy Grace died on December 4, 2015.

The girl’s grandmother told the Fayetteville Observer her son, Kevin Ditty, who is also in the Army, was called back from overseas to decide whether to take the girl off of life support. Kevin Ditty and Jeanie Ditty are divorced.

According to the arrest warrant, Ditty said she called Keefer, a paramedic, to check on her daughter because the girl wasn’t feeling well. About 25 minutes after Keefer arrived, they found Macy Grace was choking on vomit and called 911.

2. Ditty Ordered ‘Angelic’ Tribute Photos With Her Daughter Superimposed at Her Gravesite

jeanie ditty, jeanie ditty sunny jo photography, jeanie ditty pennsylvania, jeanie ditty mary grace photos

(Sunny Jo Photography)

After the death of Macy Grace, Jeanie Ditty ordered “angelic” photos from a Pennsylvania photographer. Sunny Jo Photography superimposed the girl into photos taken by Keefer of Jeanie Ditty at her daughter’s gravesite. She contacted the photography studio about a month after her daughter died.

The photos are a package Sunny Jo calls “One More Time” tribute photos.

“I knew that it was a grieving mother, and I felt so bad that she lost her 2-year-old daughter that I jumped right on it,” Sunny Jo told WNEP-TV. “Knowing that she used me and she used this to possibly make herself seem innocent. That’s the worst feeling in the world.”

Ditty posted the photos on Facebook in January, writing “Sunny Jo did some amazing work for me of my angel and I.”

Sunny Jo told the Fayetteville Observer, “I called the detective in charge of the situation, and I find out that she wanted these photos just to lie to the public, to cover up what she did so she can look like the grieving mother.”

Ditty often posted photos with her daughter on Facebook, along with videos, like one you can watch below:

You can see more of the tribute photos, along with other pictures of Jeanie and Macy Grace Ditty at the link below:

3. She & Her Boyfriend Are Facing the Death Penalty



Jeanie Ditty and her boyfriend were arrested last week. They could face the death penalty.

The couple appeared in court for the first time on Monday. Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West called the girl’s death “horrific” and said, “whoever is responsible, we’re going to hold them accountable,” according to the Fayetteville Observer.

They are being represented by public defenders and are being held at Cumberland County Jail.

4. She Has Been an Active Duty Soldier at Fort Bragg Since 2013



Jeanie Ditty is a soldier in the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade, according to the Fayetteville Observer.

She joined the military after high school and has been stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina since 2013, the Army says.

Keefer, Ditty’s boyfriend, served in the Army for 12 years, according to the Observer. He had worked as a paramedic at First Health of the Carolinas since 2015, according to his Linkedin page.

He was a Special Forces Senior Medical Sergeant in the Army.

5. She Is Originally From Pennsylvania & Has Taken Part in Bikini Competitions

jeanie vengen, jeanie vengen ditty


Jeanie Ditty, whose maiden name is Jeanie Vengen, is originally from Pennsylvania, according to WNEP-TV.

Family members told the news station she grew up in the Pottsville area and had an unstable childhood.

In addition to being in the Army, Ditty participated in bodybuilding competitions in North Carolina, according to her Facebook page.

Ditty placed 11th in a 2014 bikini competition, according to the website for the North Carolina chapter of the National Physique Committee.

Keefer is the owner of Xtreme Fitness Inc., where he works as a personal trainer specializing in preparing competitors for bikini and bodybuilding competitions.



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Az gal

Ya, I noticed that too. First thing she should have done is taken the baby down before she hurt herself. Instead if berating her!

Crystal MacDougall

She wasn’t berating her. I spoke to my daughter like that.. it was in jest. I have a video of my daughter around the same age, maybe a couple months older climbing along the foot of her crib when we transitioned it into a daybed/toddler bed.

It looked like it was in a corner between the bed.. probably not at a huge risk of getting hurt.

What she’s accused of doing/being a part of.. her daughters death.. is beyond my comprehention.. I just can’t even understand how any mother.. parent.. human could inflict harm on a baby.. I just can’t..

But at least I can recognize a harmless “normal” video when I see one. It appears at that point in her life.. she was at least somewhat stable.. and caring.


I completely agree with you! She was talking to a baby like a teenager! That poor baby had no idea what she was saying, all she knew was her mommy was giving her attention and she was happy. Are you smiling she asks the baby, who doesn’t love their babies smile!? She should have more concerned about the baby’s safety not disciplining a baby! Wtf that mother deserves the death penalty if she did it!


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This is a serious death of a child…white, black, pink or what ever. Your comment is insensitive and not necessary. This crap happens all the time, you may want to google this
Police: Nev. mom kills daughter, 6, with scissors, oops she is black or maybe this one, *Another tragedy struck earlier this week when a Black woman suffocated her own children in a car before submerging the vehicle into the water. The horrendous crime took place in South Carolina. I could go on and on but not going to in respect for the children that suffered from their own mothers hands….very sad for all colors of skin. I dont think god looks at color….at least mine dont. You pribably trying to get a reaction out of folks, which you succeeded in such a racist way. Now pull your big girl panities up and get a job.


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