Utah GOP Polls 2016: Cruz Has Large Lead On Trump

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Ted Cruz appears to have a great chance of winning the Utah caucus. (Getty)

The most recent Utah polls do not look good for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz has a sizable lead on Trump in a recent poll conducted by Y2 Analytics.

The poll is the only major Republican poll conducted in Utah within the last month. Trump’s poor numbers in the Y2 poll are consistent with another poll conducted by Deseret News/KSL comparing him to both Democratic candidates.

Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead on Trump in Utah if the two squared off in a general election. Bernie Sanders has an even bigger lead in Utah against Trump in a potential matchup. The results are somewhat surprising given the state has a strong history of voting Republican.

Based on the small sampling of polls, Trump faces a strong challenge in the Utah caucus on March 22. There are 40 delegates at stake in Tuesday’s caucus.

The delegates are awarded proportionally to the candidates based on the results with one exception. If a candidate gets more than 50% of the votes, they will be awarded all the delegates.

Here’s a look at the Utah Republican polls.

Y2 Analytics

The Y2 Analytics poll was conducted March 17-19.

Ted Cruz 53
John Kasich 29
Donald Trump 11

UtahPolicy/Dan Jones

The UtahPolicy/Dan Jones poll was conducted February 10-15.

Marco Rubio 24
Ted Cruz 22
Donald Trump 18
John Kasich 4

Salt Lake Tribune/SurveyUSA

The Salt Lake Tribune/SurveyUSA poll was conducted January 6-13.

Ted Cruz 18
Donald Trump 17
Marco Rubio 15
John Kasich 1

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