Republican National Convention 2016: When & Where Is it?

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The Republican National Convention is when a nominee become official. (Getty)

The Republican National Convention will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18-21. GOP members look forward to the convention every presidential election year, but there is increased interest in this year’s convention given the current climate of the Republican party.

With Donald Trump as the current front runner for the Republican nomination, many GOP establishment members are openly discussing a desire for a brokered convention. Click here for a video with a visual illustration of a brokered convention.

How would a brokered convention work? The nominee will need 51 percent of the votes to win the nomination. If Trump holds less than 51 percent of the delegates heading into the convention, it is conceivable that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio could formulate a plan to stop Trump from winning the GOP nomination.

One such plan would be for Cruz to offer Rubio the vice president position on the ticket in exchange for his delegates in the second portion of the voting process. This plan would only work if combined they could come up with a majority number of delegates.

There are 1,237 delegates needed for the GOP nomination. After Super Tuesday, Trump leads all candidates with 319 delegates. Cruz is in second with 226, and Rubio is in third with 110.

There are still a lot of primaries left before a candidate will reach the needed delegates. Beginning on March 15, the majority of states will begin using the winner-take-all method for delegates where the winner will get all the delegates for the state if they win.

Thus far, the majority of states have been using the proportional method of dividing delegates among candidates based on the results. The Republican party will name their presidential nominee at the July convention. Who the nominee will be and how exactly they are named will continue to play itself out in the coming months leading up to the convention.

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