Donald Trump News: Trump Says Bernie Sanders Has ‘Given Me a Lot of My Best Lines’

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Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Billings, Montana. (Getty)

Donald Trump praised Bernie Sanders today when he said that the Democratic candidate gives him some great lines to use against Hillary Clinton.

At a rally in Fresno, California, the presumptive Republican nominee criticized Hillary Clinton by citing the words of her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders.

Trump told supporters, “Hillary is a disaster, folks. She has bad judgement. That was said by Bernie Sanders…he’s given me a lot of my best lines. I mean, he has given me such great lines on her, and if I say it, they’re gonna say, ‘That’s not a nice thing to say,’ so I always refer to Bernie Sanders.”

Sanders said on Meet the Press back in March that Clinton’s judgment “is clearly lacking,” according to Politico.

Trump went on to say that he wants to debate Sanders “so badly” but seemed to imply the much-discussed event might not happen because the news networks who would host it do not want to donate money to charity as he requested.

Trump spoke to supporters in Fresno just 24 hours after officially securing the 1,237 delegates necessary to win the republican nomination. The Selland Arena was surrounded by about 300 protestors; police said prior to the event that they expected roughly 10,000 supporters, although a San Francisco Chronicle reporter noted on Twitter that the stadium had a surprising number of empty seats.