PHOTOS: Donald Trump’s Richmond Rally Draws Unusually Small Crowd

Donald Trump rally, Donald Trump Arizona, Donald Trump fountain hills

Donald Trump holds a rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona. (Getty)

Though Donald Trump’s rallies are typically quite well attended, his event in Richmond this evening saw a significantly smaller crowd than is typical for the Republican presidential candidate.

Nick Corasaniti of The New York Times reported that as of the scheduled start time, 8:00 p.m., the auditorium that seats 12,000 was only about 1/4th of the way full.

Several other reporters in attendance posted photos of the crowd, noting how deserted the coliseum was in comparison to past Trump events.

Outside the rally, some protesters gathered with signs, while a few passed around flowers in what appeared to be a conscious attempt to avoid the violence that has broken out at prior Trump rallies.


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