WATCH: Gavin Long Speaks on Youtube Only a Week Before Baton Rouge Police Shootings

Gavin Long, Baton Rouge shootings police


Gavin Eugene Long was identified as the gunman who killed three police officers and injured three others in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the morning of July 17, reported MSNBC.

Long, 29, from Kansas City, Missouri, was killed at the scene of the crime after a shootout with police, according to MSNBC.

Long goes by the name of Cosmo Setepenra online, and has discussed the Dallas attack on police and also the recent shootings of black men by officers on social media.

Police believe Long is the lone attacker and that there are no other shooters at large. However, investigators are trying to determine if he had any assistance from co-conspirators, State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson said at a press conference.

Long recently spoke about events including police-involved shootings, racial oppression and protesting on Youtube.

You can watch the videos below:

In a Youtube video dated July 8, 2016, Long is eluding to something “happening to him.” Long describes being “affiliated with the spirit of justice, nothing more, nothing less. He said:

Oh, and this is very important. I want to let ya’ll know…cuz if anything happen with me…cuz I’m an alpha-male, I stand up, I stand firm, and I stand with mine…til the end. To the last day in this flesh. But I’m not the flesh, I’m not the body. I have a body. But I just want to let ya’ll know…don’t affiliate me with nothing. I’m not affiliated with the black business school even though I might promote they business or something like that. Or any of my friends, any of my associations, those are just associations. I’m not affiliated with it. Yeah, I was also a nation of Islam member, I’m not affiliated with it. Don’t affiliate me with the money team…don’t affiliate me with nothing.

Watch the full video below:

In a video dated July 10, 2016, Long talked about being on the streets of Dallas for a book tour. He claims there was no other reason he was there, and just happened to be in the area when five Dallas Police Officers were ambushed on July 7.

Long stated:

I want to let you guys…look you really got to look at things…take for instance the holiday that just passed, Independence Day. Independence Day is really based on, say, George Washington, and Americans fighting against their oppressor, Britian. And we celebrate that! We tell them they’re right! You get it? But when an African fights back, it’s wrong. But every time a European fights back and gets his oppressor, he’s right. But as soon as an African tries to fight back (shrugs shoulders and puts hands up)…why is that?

You can watch the full video here:

Convos With Cosmo on Protesting, Oppression, and how to deal with BulliesIn Dallas Imparting wisdom about the current events and the proper action to take.2016-07-10T17:38:03.000Z

In a video dated July 5, 2016, Long talks about overcoming fear. Long said:

I had someone ask me, how do they get rid of fear? And you see, that’s a trick question…you don’t get rid of fear. Because fear is a natural part of the human experience. It’s a part of the human body, it’s a part of the flesh. All emotions are. Emotions are not you. You use emotions to fuel you. You get that? So let’s look at the opposite end…the opposite end of the spectrum is courage, so obviously that’s what he wants. Courage is simply the mastery of fear. That’s all it is. It’s the mastery of fear. You don’t get rid of fear. You never do, as long as you got a human body. Unless you can get on some higher level s***, you know what I mean? nd you can actually realize…realize that you are not the body. But that’s some real next level stuff that a lot of people really…don’t get there yet…you’re supposed to use that fear as your fuel. That’s all you got to do. The problem becomes when you allow fear to rule you. Fear is not a bad thing. It’s just like water or anything. Water is not bad or good, but your a** can drown it if you allow it to rule you and you don’t rule it. It’s the same s***. Ok?

You can watch the video in its entirety below:

We are built to overcome fearFear only becomes a problem when it causes you to back away from what you know you should do. Cosmo is a: ◼Freedom Strategist ◼Radio Host ◼Mental Game Coach ◼Alpha Preneur ◼Author ◼World Explorer ◼Former Marine. ▲☥Ethiopian Bloodline☥▲ Website: Twitter: @ConvosWithCosmo Facebook: Cosmo.Setepenra iTunes:

In a video dated June 22, he talks about those who are “suffering pain, disappointment, let-down, regret, tragedy, and psychological pain.” He tells listeners that it won’t always be like this, and that he knows how it hurts. He says their feelings are legitimate, but that he needs them to “hold firm and allow the storm to pass.” He also talks about “embracing struggle.” He goes onto say, “Instead of saying why me God, start saying, “this is what he wanted me to do.” Here’s the full video:

Convos With Cosmo- "Level Up Your Life" 11. Somebody Loves YouThis Motivational Mixtape is an Alpha Preneur Production Presented by 'Convos With Cosmo', "Level Up Your Life: How Embracing My Struggle, Re-Branded My Life" is a synopsis of some of my life lessons, experiences and life stories told with great music to help inspire you, motivate, educate and empower you so that you also can…2016-06-22T23:09:45.000Z

In a video dated June 30, Long talks about doing what he does for “the youth.” He said they’re the future and so “we need to invest in them.” In the video excerpt, he said it was “My first social video after 2 yrs living in Afrika.”

A recent video of me re-introducing myselfMy first social video after 2 yrs living in Afrika Cosmo is a: ◼Freedom Strategist ◼Radio Host ◼Mental Game Coach ◼Alpha Preneur ◼Author ◼World Explorer ◼Former Marine. ▲☥Ethiopian Bloodline☥▲ Website: Twitter: @ConvosWithCosmo Facebook: Cosmo.Setepenra iTunes:

Long appears to have two Youtube accounts. You can find one where he goes under the name “Cosmo Setepenra” here. The other channel, “I am Cosmo,” can be found here.

You can read more about Gavin Eugene Long below:

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