WATCH: Shootout at Atlanta Gas Station Caught on Video

A wild shootout between two men, one armed with an AK-pistol and the other with a handgun, at an Atlanta gas station was caught on video Sunday night. You can watch the video above.

Neither of the men were wounded, but a woman who was with one of the gunmen was shot in the shoulder, police told WXIA-TV. She was taken to the hospital in stable condition, police said.

Detectives are investigating the shooting and no arrests have been made, according to police. Officers were called to the Texaco gas station on Lee Street about 8:30 p.m. Sunday for reports of shots fired.

The surveillance video shows a man with a gun in his hand approaching another man as he leaves the convenience store. The second man goes his black Dodge Charger and reaches inside, pulling out the AK-pistol, which has a curved magazine like an AK-47 rifle. The first gunman dives to the ground after seeing the other gun, ducking behind the Charger.

The second man points the AK-pistol at the other man, as he points toward him and appears to be talking to him.

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A shootout between two men at an Atlanta, Georgia, gas station was caught on camera.

The first man then moves around to the front of the car and turns back, opening fire. Several bullets hit the front windshield of the Charger as its owner returns fire and others run away from the store.

The man then gets into his car and begins to drive off, before stopping because the woman in the front seat had been shot. They then went into the store and called 911, according to WXIA.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.