WATCH: Louis Dorfman Gives Donald Trump His Purple Heart

Louis Dorfman, Donald Trump Purple Heart, Donald Trump Military

Donald Trump and Ret. Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman. (Getty)

Donald Trump, who has been battered with criticism over his comments about the Khan family, accepted a Purple Heart from a supporter at his Ashburn, Virginia rally on Tuesday. The veteran was Louis Edward Dorfman III, who Trump brought up on stage to chants of “USA! USA!” from the audience.

Donald Trump receives Purple Heart from veteranAt a campaign event in Ashburn, Virginia, GOP nominee Donald Trump received a Purple Heart from a veteran in attendance.2016-08-02T16:22:05.000Z

“I always wanted to get the Purple Heart,” Trump told his audience. “This was much easier.”

Dorfman Was Injured in the Iraq War

Louis Dorfman, Louis Dorfman Purple Heart, DOnald Trump Purple Heart

Dorfmam. (National Purple Heart Hall of Honor)

Dorfman was injured in November 2007 while serving in the Iraq War, according to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. Trump said that Dorfman told him it was his real Purple Heart. However, NBC News’ Katy Tur reported that Dorfman told her it was a copy.

Trump himself never served in the military. According to the New York Times, Trump received five draft deferments during the Vietnam War due to bone spurs in his heels. In 2011, The Smoking Gun also published Trump’s selective service records, which showed that Trump received medical deferments.

The moment was widely criticized on Twitter:

Trump Also Told a Mother to Take Her Baby Out of the Rally

Donald Trump: Get the baby out of hereDonald Trump asks an audience member at a rally to take their crying baby out of the room.2016-08-02T16:52:06.000Z

Trump’s Purple Heart wasn’t the only odd moment at the rally in Virginia. He also told a mother that he loves babies, but later joked about it. He told the mother to take the baby out of the rally when it started crying again.

“I think she really believed me, that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking,” Trump said. “People don’t understand… That’s OK.”

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