WATCH: Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Health Scare During Iowa Rally

At his rally in Iowa on Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump mocked Hillary Clinton’s recent health scare.

During a speech from Council Bluffs, Iowa, Donald Trump said that Clinton is constantly taking days off, and he then went on to joke about her recently becoming ill.

“You see all the days off that Hillary takes? Day off, day off, day off,” Trump said. “All those day offs and then she can’t even make it to her car. Isn’t it tough? All those day offs, right. Boom.”

Trump is referring to an incident on September 11th when Clinton had to leave an event early after becoming overheated, and a video captured her needing help getting into her car. She later appeared to reporters looking much better, and her campaign revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior.

Surprisingly, Trump’s response to this episode was rather restrained, and all he said at the time was, “I just hope she gets well soon and gets back on the trail and we’ll be seeing her at the debate.”

Those within Trump’s inner circle were reportedly trying to not comment on Clinton’s health scare much, even though they had previously been floating conspiracies theories that she was ill. In subsequent rallies, Trump did continue to make reference to the fact that he believes Clinton does not have the stamina to be president. But today was the first time Trump called out the September 11th event specifically and mocked his opponent for it.

Trump went on to say that he’s been on the campaign trail constantly since he began running for president, although as recently as last Friday Trump himself took the day off to prepare for Monday’s debate. He also said that Clinton’s schedule is constantly empty and that she’s never out on the campaign trail.

Trump said, “Ever see her chart? ‘She won’t be campaigning today. She won’t be campaigning today.'”

Clinton actually did campaign today, appearing with Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire just hours before Trump’s Iowa event.

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