WATCH: Donald Trump Says “We Have Some Bad Hombres Here” During Debate

During the final presidential debate tonight, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump described America’s illegal immigration issue by saying that “we have some bad hombres here.”

This came up during a discussion about immigration about 20 minutes into the debate. Trump said that part of the reason he wants to build a wall and build up a deportation force is because there are a lot of undocumented immigrants in the Untied States committing crimes.

“We have some bad hombres here, and we’re gonna get them out,” Trump said.

This called to mind Mike Pence’s awkwardly-phrased statement in the vice presidential debate that Tim Kaine had “whipped out that Mexican thing” after he brought up immigration. Within about five minutes of Trump’s line, a @BadHombres Twitter account was already registered. #BadHombres also began to trend on Twitter.

This is not, however, the first time Trump has used this phrasing, having referred to illegal immigrants as “bad hombres” during some of his rallies in the past.

On Twitter not long after the bad hombre comment, Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, seemed to distance herself from Trump, retweeting a comment that Trump’s “bad hombre” language was Trump-esque while the rest of his lines were more Conway-esque.

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