WATCH: New Keith Scott Shooting Video Released by Charlotte Police [GRAPHIC]

Keith Lamont Scott, left, was fatally shot by Officer Brentley Vinson. New body camera and dashcam video from the shooting has been released at the request of the family. (Facebook/Liberty University)

Keith Lamont Scott, left, was fatally shot by Officer Brentley Vinson. New body camera and dashcam video from the shooting has been released at the request of the family. (Facebook/Liberty University)

Graphic new body camera footage released by the Charlotte Police at the request of the family of Keith Lamont Scott shows the 43-year-old man bleeding, handcuffed and dying after he was shot at his apartment complex last month by Officer Brentley Vinson.

The 16-minute video begins before Scott was shot, but does not show the actual shooting.

Police say he was armed with a stolen gun, which was recovered at the scene. Attorneys for his family say the video footage released by police do not prove that he was holding the gun or that he threatened officers with it. Dashcam video shows the shooting, but it can not be seen clearly. You can watch that video here.

Vinson and other members of a task force were at the apartment complex to serve a warrant on another person when they say they saw Scott with marijuana and a gun in his truck. They confronted him and Scott was shot after he exited the vehicle. His wife witnessed the shooting and also recorded video, which you can watch here.

Warning: The video below is graphic.

Scott was shot on September 20. Other videos from the shooting were released four days later amid unrest in the North Carolina city.

Justin Bamberg, an attorney for Scott’s family, said the new video was “difficult to watch,” according to ABC News.

“You see him handcuffed. You see a human being, a father, a husband, lose his life,” Bamberg said. “That is extremely hard to watch but that is the reality of these situations. He added it is a “perfect example of why law enforcement has to be sure before they pull the trigger, and why the use of deadly force has to always be a last resort and not a first resort.”

Vinson remains on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. Scott’s death led to several days of protests, which at times turned violent, in Charlotte.




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First off to Mr.scotts family my condolences.this is exactly what I’ve been saying all along as the officer comes back around the white vehicle when Mr. Scott comes in to view I can definitely see what appears to be a black holster on the right ankle and his hands at his right hand at his side I can not see his left hand then the officer moves around another vehicle and Mr. Scott has all ready been shout I can see another officer in red walk up Neal down near what appears to be near Mr.scotts waist area recover an item slide it between his legs I can hear it making contact with the ground the officer then stands up over top the item and protects the is clear in the video that Mr. Scott’s wife says he dose not have a gun and that he has a TBI which he just took his medication.i believe what I saw on video of Mr. scott on his ankle before the police have physical contact with Mr scoot to have a black holster on his right ankle.which make me believe he had a gun.from the angle of the camera I could not see his left arm or hand so I could not say if he were pointing the gun at the officers but he did not seem to be following the commands of the officers.that being Sai why would Mr. Scott’s family knowing he has a TBI and taking medication for it go out in public carrying a firearm a stolen firearm which a felon is not legal to carry even in an open carry state action Mr. Scott carrying a gun.reaction or (over reaction) questionable.familys non action to Mr.scotts a felon carrying a loaded hand gun (none).I’m not picking a side I’m just pointing out the obvious. Also I did not see any less than lethal weapon drawn but because I didnt see them from the angle of the video dose not mean they were not in use .


I’ve seen no black ankle holster on this guy. the guys was wearing light blue pants. not one time was a black holster was presented on Mr. Scott. even when he was on the ground and took his pants. at one point the cop who was working on him with the camera on pan down by his ankle just a faint shot of golden wrinkling sox he was wearing.


at 0:25 and 0:26 pause, you can see what is a black holster format on his ankle.

which coincided with the evidence in court as well.

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