LIVE STREAM: Hillary Clinton Rally in Toledo, Ohio

On Monday, Hillary Clinton will make two campaign stops in Ohio, a critical swing state where Clinton consistently trailed Trump in polls throughout September.

The Democratic presidential nominee’s first stop will be in Toledo where she plans to launch an attack against Wells Fargo bank.

According to her campaign, she plans to discuss “forced arbitration” clauses in contracts that make it difficult for workers and consumers to bring legal action against companies. Mandatory arbitration clauses sometimes require that claims be pursued on an individual basis instead of on behalf of a class of individuals. These clauses have recently been utilized by Wells Fargo when customers tried to sue the bank as a result of 2 million fake accounts. For years, Wells Fargo employees opened checking, savings and credit card accounts without their customers’ permission in order to meet sales quotas, and receive compensation.

During her speech on Monday, Clinton will call for a revamp of the corporate tax code and raising the minimum wage. She also plans to go after Donald Trump’s business practices. The former secretary of state has repeatedly cited lawsuits from contractors who said Trump never paid them for their work.

Trump’s business record faces more scrutiny following the New York Times’ report that he recorded a $916 million loss in 1995 that may have resulted in reduced taxes over a span of two decades.

Monday’s rally can be viewed in the embedded YouTube player via RBC Broadcasting.

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