Audit the Vote Petition: Audit Sought on Whether Russia Hacked 2016 Election

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Vladimir Putin. (Getty)

Thousands of people have signed a petition on demanding an audit of the 2016 presidential election to rule out any possibility that Russian hackers helped give Donald Trump his Electoral College victory.

There’s no evidence of this, although some cyber security and intelligence experts have blamed Russia for hacks of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. Those acts benefited Trump, who has said he has never even met Vladimir Putin.

The hashtag #AudittheVote was also trending on Twitter on November 17 as Clinton supporters passed around supposed election anomalies. Driving some of the suspicion: The fact that so many polls (pre-election polling but also exit polls) had the election completely wrong.

There is some momentum for a Congressional probe of whether Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican, has called for a Congressional investigation into the possibility. On November 17, Rep. Elijah Cumming, who is the ranking Democrat on the House government oversight committee, asked committee chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican, to start such an investigation, said Mother Jones.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic Leader, supports the call for an investigation.

CNN says federal investigators believe Russians hacked “a contractor for Florida’s election system that may have exposed the personal data of Florida voters.” There were also hacks of election data in Illinois and Arizona, said CNN.

According to Mother Jones, the Office of Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security, released a statement saying in part, “The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from U.S. persons and institutions, including from U.S. political organizations… These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process.” The Daily Beast says the Obama administration believes “Russia’s senior-most officials” ordered hacks “to interfere with the U.S. election process.”

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More than 16,000 people signed the petition in the first two hours it was created alone. You can find it here.

The petition reads in part,

The FBI determined some months ago that hacking, originating from Russia, was having an influence on our electoral process. These hackers interfered with our presidential election through attempted and successful penetration of email and voter registration databases, among other systems. This created fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the safety of our electoral processes.

Computers tabulated the vast majority of the 129 million votes cast in the presidential election, and polls were wildly off. Did hackers manipulate the results by compromising voting equipment? Did other problems, glitches, or errors affect the outcome?

On the same day the petition emerged, President Barack Obama gave a speech in which he decried Russian cyber attacks. BBC said, “Mr, Obama said there was a difference between ‘Russian intelligence-gathering’ and ‘meddling with elections or going after private organisations or commercial entities.'”

He said the U.S. was “monitoring it carefully,” according to The BBC.

Some of those close to Trump have ties to Russia.

The Verified Voting organization says some states already have “requirements for mandatory manual audits (in randomly selected precincts) of the voter-verified paper records produced by the voting systems in use in those states.” You can see a map of the states with such audits here.

The group, which started the petition, says, “No voting system is perfect. Nearly all U.S. elections today are counted using electronic voting systems. Such voting systems have produced result-changing errors through problems with hardware, software, and procedures.”

Conspiracy theorists also point to Clinton’s lead in the popular vote and the closeness of Donald Trump’s victories in a series of battleground states. According to Dave Wasserman and Cook Political Report, as of November 17, Clinton had extended her lead in the popular vote:

Clinton: 63,045,266
Trump: 61,607,950

There are still uncounted ballots, including several million in California alone.

However, Trump supporters fired back on Twitter, saying Democrats might regret an audit because it could expose other problems, such as the possibility that non-citizens had voted in the presidential election.

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A King

It takes an exceptionally obtuse writer to get the very first word wrong:


Inaccurate. At the time you published this there were 4.3 million signatures. Words matter. Use them correctly.


I ain’t go’en ! Too trying ! Too figuring ! Why ! you being so upset ! Unless you Being a Hillary rotten Clinton supporter. And that be splainin a whole lotten of things !

Man what an idiot !

Please Stop

You do know this has nothing to do with that electoral hijacking petition with 4mm sigs. This is a new petition to recount votes in certain counties because some can’t deal with the results. These systems are not online, so they are grasping at straws, literally, saying that Russian operatives in the US under deep cover physically went to these locations and hacked the machines, with no evidence other than exit polls.

To the author, when will you stop promoting this division? Do you want a civil war? What good could come from overturning election results at this point? The Democratic candidate is believed by millions to be corrupt, they were caught rigging their own primaries. If a recount was done under an Obama government, that overturned the results, people will be split on who to believe. It will cause an outright civil war, maybe that is their plan all along, divide us, then let us fight ourselves in an all out civil war, and you are playing right into their hands pushing this type of agenda to overturn an election. Be careful what you wish for, the country choosing sides and grabbing guns is good for noone.


Civil war yes civilians have f35 raptors in the back yard you’re an idiot

David Pecoraro

You can run around having people sign petitions for the rest of your life, It will accomplish nothing. 240 years we’ve been electing Presidents and all you weak minded people think you can change that because you are unhappy with the results. All the energy you wasted for a lost cause, could have gone towards something positive. Pathetic, spoiled people.

Susanna Donovan

The protests didn’t work, so they found another angle. CNN posted an article, when Donald trump wondered about voting irregularities before the election, that hacking wasn’t a possibility. The DNC Jill Stein Clinton surrogate is witch hunting. Be careful about what you wish for Democrats….you might find out she lost by a bigger percentage than was formerly imagined.
I spoke with Michigan elections division after the election, and they said they don’t see those numbers changing enough for a Hillary win by any stretch of the word.

Elizabeth Reynolds

Correct 4.3 million.. I signed.. I seen with my own eyes.. The problem is .. The end is near . That’s why the world is in conflict. How can anyone agree with Racist antics , No political background, To be honest I believe no matter what Trump didn’t spend in his campaign The head electors want A War . Blood shed, purge, I am praying to the Creator for help .. We all are doomed

Morgan Knox

No political background……… and thats bad thing?Beware sheep you blindly walk amongst wolves

Rick Henry

What a fool you are… the petition they are talking about in this article is the Audit The Vote petition which has 88,399 signatures. So the author of the article was correct. The petition you are talking about is for the Electoral College to not vote for trump and that one has near 4,600,000 signatures. Get your facts right A King… facts do matter.


Two Democrats from California came forward claiming they had proof that the Russians were involved in the DNC hacking

In fact these two Democrats have a hidden Scandal of Their Own !!

Can we call it insider-trading ? maybe !

One of the Democrats made approximately $150,000 in 6 days stock trading.

These two Democrats are surrounded in controversy in decisions that were made concerning company stocks.

The two Democrats that came two Clinton’s Aid one claiming it was okay for Hillary Clinton to have a private email server as long as she kept (all records) not just official records but (all records) this was the requirements for her private email server !

Hillary Clinton failed to comply with her promise to keep (all records)

Hillary Clinton’s own admission, sad she deleted emails from her server !

There is no proof ,other than Gucifer involved in the email hacking.

Vladimir Putin has denied all involvement concerning the DNC hacking.

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