WATCH: Donald Trump Suggests He Still Plans to Institute Muslim Ban

While speaking to reporters at Mar-a-Lago today, President-Elect Donald Trump suggested that he still plans to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States, despite the fact that he backed away from this promise towards the end of his campaign.

Trump on Wednesday was asked if any recent events have caused him to rethink his proposal to suspend Muslim immigration or have a national registry of Muslims. Trump’s answer seemed to imply that he still backs both of those ideas.

“Hey, you know my plan, all along it’s — I’ve been proven to be right,” Trump said. “100 percent correct. What’s happening is disgraceful.”

In December 2015, Donald Trump responded to the San Bernardino shooting by saying that Muslims should be banned from entering the country.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” Trump said at the time.

Since then, Trump’s inner circle has tried to walk back this idea, later changing it to be a ban on immigration from countries that have been compromised by terrorism rather than having it be specifically related to religion.

“When I am elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats,” Trump said in a June 2016 speech.

Today, however, Trump was not asked about banning immigration from any specific regions; he was asked about banning Muslims, and that is an idea the president-elect is apparently still behind.

Trump today also did not push back on the idea of having a registry of Muslims. The president-elect did not officially propose that idea during his campaign, but when asked by a reporter in November 2016 about potentially keeping a database to track all of the Muslims living in the United States, Trump said, “There should be a lot of systems, beyond database, we should have a lot of systems, and today you can do it.”

Last month, however, Trump’s communications director said that he has never proposed this.

“President-elect Trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion, and to imply otherwise is completely false,” Communications Director Jason Miller said in a statement.


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Al White

“As Europe tries to grapple with the most serious immigration crisis since World War II made worse by terror attacks by radical Islamic terrorists, and the United States debates whether to admit tens of thousands of refugees that may or may not be legitimately seeking asylum, oil-rich Muslim countries stand on the sidelines doing little. The reason is simple, they are trying to avoid what they call “the risk of terrorism.” These are some of the headlines on the net. I don’t think America is going to alienate our “middle eastern friends”. Britton has also left the EU and Germany is in a terrible state. You say it’s discriminating against a people of a certain religion, when it is protecting ourselves from terrorrism.


At this point sorry he is right! It is bad for the good muslims because yes morec are good than bad but we are too much at risks! No other should enter the Continent and theirs shopping style mosk should be closed! Again too risky for recruiting terrorists!


Don’t you think actively discriminating against people of a certain religion might create more enemies in the long run?

We are dependent on the friendship of moderate peaceful muslims to combat terrorism because muslims are the primary victim of islamic terror. If we start banning all muslims from coming to our country, I think support for our efforts will dry up very fast.

Also, how do you ban a muslim? “Are you muslim?” “No, I am christian. I converted. See? I am wearing a cross”. “Okay. Welcome to the United States”

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