Donald Trump Tweets ‘Unpresidented’ Instead of ‘Unprecedented’

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Donald Trump‘s early Saturday morning tweet highlighted his frequent spelling mistakes, as he used the word “unpresidented” instead of “unprecedented” when talking about the news that China found an unmanned U.S. drone in the South China sea. Trump later deleted the tweet with the misspelled word and reshared the exact same thought, just with the word spelled right.

On December 15, the Chinese navy found an unmanned U.S. research drone in the South China Sea in international waters. U.S. officials said that the drone was being used only for scientific purposes and was about to be recovered by the USNS Bodwitch, a non-combat vessel, The BBC reported.

China confirmed on December 17 that military officials on both sides were in talks to hand over the drone to the U.S. “According to [our] understanding, the US and Chinese sides are working on appropriately handling this matter through channels between the two militaries,” the Chinese foreign ministry said, reports the BBC.

Al Jazeera reports that the drone was found about 92 km northwest of Subic Bay, near the Philippines. Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters on December 16 that the drone was clearly marked as belonging to the U.S. He told reporters that the drone costs around $150,000.

The situation highlights the growing tension between the U.S. and China over Beijing’s military buildup in the South China Sea. A few hours after Trump weighed in on the situation, the Pentagon confirmed that the drone will be returned to the U.S. Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told the USA Today that hrough direct engagement with Chinese authorities, we have secured an understanding that the Chinese will return the UUV [unmanned underwater vehicle] to the United States.”

After it was confirmed that the drone will be returned, Trump said China should just keep it.

Obama was asked about the situation during his final press conference and about Trump’s surprising phone call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Obama said that it was a good idea for Trump to take a fresh look at the U.S. foreign policy as it relates to China, just as long as he does it in a “systematic, deliberate, intentional way.”

“…Given the importance of the relationship between United States and China, given how much is at stake in terms of the world economy, national security, our presence in the Asia-Pacific, China’s increasing role in international affairs, there’s probably no bilateral relationship that carries more significance and where there’s also the potential if that relationship breaks down or goes into full conflict mode that everybody is worse off,” Obama told reporters on December 16. “So I think it’s fine for him to take a look at it.”

Although Trump was weighing in on a very serious situation, Twitter users seized on the opportunity to make fun of his misspelling and how quickly he deleted the tweet. “#Unpresidented” was even trending on Twitter in the U.S. Others posted screenshots of the tweet with the incorrect spelling. The way he misspelled the word originally makes it look like he wants to be un-president-ed.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Trump has had to delete a tweet with a misspelling. In November, for example, he wrote “speaches” instead of “speeches.”




If it’s Trump’s subconscious wish to be #unpresidented the Electors can make that happen on Dec19th.


Let’s see…..obama campaigning in 57 states….the army CORPSMAN..the moron pronounced it that way..and every other thing our mooselum president messed up
Thank God he’s almost done ruining america


No, academically-challenged Don still has four more years to ruin America, unless we can come up with a legal, nonviolent way to remove him from office. Or, I guess since he’s Putin’s Puppet, if he ever pisses Putin off, never know what revenge Vladimir may sic on Donald . . . but am sure the instructions will be spelled correctly!!

BTW, Trump’s lack of spelling abilities sure says A LOT about why Trump University was such a fraud!


Let’s try to get a hold of Barry’s transcripts from Kenya university. Perhaps Bill Ayers has them???


Still living in that hate-filled paranoid world, eh . . .all these transcripts, all this Kenyan crap . . . with the intense hate that you Trumpsters have held for Obama for so long, and all the money that’s been thrown at trying to validate these rant-filled lies, why haven’t at least one of you been able to come up with any substantiated documentation? BTW, if you knew the country’s citizenship laws, you’d know it wouldn’t matter if he’d been born in Kenya, as he had an American mother–or is that something you challenge too? Furthermore, I haven’t seen any of Donnie Boy’s transcripts . . . but we do know that his SIL was admitted to Harvard with average marks after his convicted-felon Daddy made a $2.5 million dollar donation to Harvard.


He ruined it how–by giving access to healthcare that more than 20 million people have signed up for . . . including 8 million Trump voters . . . if Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced what has the Republican-majority Congress been waiting for for the last 6 years.

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