John Glenn Cause of Death: How Did the Astronaut Die?

John Glenn, the iconic astronaut lauded as the last American hero, has died. He was 95.

Ohio State University officials announced Glenn’s death on December 8. He was being treated for a variety of ailments at James Cancer Hospital, where he was hospitalized since last week. When he entered the hospital, officials did not reveal his exact illness, but they said people shouldn’t assume he had cancer because of the hospital’s name. Glenn died with his two children, John and Carolyn, and wife of 73 years at his side, said BBC.

john glenn

Astronaut John Glenn Prepares To Enter The Mercury Launch Vehicle February 20, 1962 At Cape Canaveral, Fl. Glenn died in an Ohio hospital. (Getty)

He suffered a stroke two years ago and had heart valve replacement surgery. The Columbus Dispatch said Glenn’s health started to go downhill in 2013 when he had a pacemaker installed and experienced episodes of vertigo. He also had knee replacement surgery, the newspaper said. The Associated Press said Glenn’s eyesight was also failing this year, something he apologized for at a ceremony where an airport was renamed for him.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced Glenn’s death on Twitter.

In a statement, NASA called Glenn a “true American hero.”

john glenn, john glenn dead

US astronaut and senator John Glenn waves as he leaves the Operations and Check out building at the Kennedy Space Center, FL, 29 October in route to board the US space shuttle Discovery. Glenn, then 77, was the oldest man to fly into space. (Getty)

Glenn was the first man to orbit the earth and later a U.S senator. According to NPR, Glenn was “the last surviving member of the original Mercury astronauts.”

Glenn was also a World War II combat veteran, and the U.S. Marines posted a tweet mourning his loss.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, “Glenn’s body will lie in state at the Ohio Statehouse for a day, and a public memorial service will be held at Ohio State University’s Mershon Auditorium. He will be buried near Washington, D.C., at Arlington National Cemetery in a private service.”

He was married to his wife, Annie, for more than 73 years, said the newspaper.

She is still alive and is 96-years-old. Theirs was considered a great love story. You can read more about Annie Glenn here:

Read more about John Glenn in Spanish at


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