WATCH: Protesters Repeatedly Interrupt Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing on Tuesday was interrupted several times by groups of protesters, some of whom wore Klansman robes.

Towards the very beginning of the hearing, a man wearing a Ku Klux Klan uniform was escorted out of the room while screaming, “You can’t arrest me, I’m white! White people don’t get arrested!”

Many of Tuesday’s protesters came from Code Pink, a liberal grassroots organization; they dressed as the Statue of Liberty and held signs reading “End Racism, Stop Sessions,” and “Refugees Welcome, Stop Sessions.”

About 30 minutes into the hearing, a woman from Code Pink was removed from the room after laughing out loud when Jeff Sessions was being lauded for his civil rights record. While being removed, the protester said, “Why am I getting taken out of here? This man is evil.”

Later, during Jeff Sessions’ opening statement, two men were removed while shouting, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

Sessions drank a glass of water while waiting to continue speaking. He picked up with his remarks and within five seconds, another protester yelled, “Stop this fascist pig from getting into power!”

The confirmation proceeded without interruption for over an hour before Sessions was interrupted again; this time it was when he was talking about keeping Guantanamo Bay open. Once again these protesters yelled, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascists USA.”




Those post menopausal hags, code pink there? Where have they been putting on their hormone patches at as the racist hawaiian white boi barackie has been dropping bombs on “people of [brown] color” at a record setting pace?
Lost of estrogen as a group will turn any former female into a hairy, stinky, sweating blob…in tights apparently.

up yours

Jeff sessions is a perfect choice. And the whining crying protesters that are backed by the Democratic Party ,that back black lives matter and paid protesters to beat people up will you dirty scum bags your days are numbered.

Reynolds Jones

Are you insane? Think what you want, but don’t just pull stuff out of your a** in order to lie. What you just did was string together a list of lies. The “whining” protesters are not “backed by the Democratic Party” – may I remind you this is America, not some third world hole where the parties pay protesters in some cases to attack one another? Is Code Pink on the Left? Why yes it is – quite independent from any party. Paid Protesters? The only Paid Protesters I know of were the protesters in Florida in 2000 – and we only found that out when people started recognizing Republican staffers from the hill. You have a perfect right to your opinions, BUT SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. The Teaparty had a RIGHT to protest, Code Pink has a RIGHT to protest. That’s part of what America is about.

You know, my mother was a member of the DAR, I could be a member of the SAR if I wanted. We came here with the Duke of York, we fought the Dutch, we fought the French, we fought in the Revolution and yes, in the Civil War for the Union. Can you say the same? I’m willing to bet you cannot. If you cannot, maybe you ought to learn more about the history of the country.



Ah yes, the diverse, tolerant and respectful liberal/progressives on display again.
Have they stalked and threatened any women or children yet or is that after they do this? As they are liberal/progressive democrats, might want to keep your children close to you as, well, they are liberal/progressives.

Reynolds Jones

I’m sorry bud — to be tolerant requires – in a real world- that the other person be tolerant as well. Jeff Sessions forfeited the right to tolerance many years ago.

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