Melania Trump Blue Dress & Coat: Who Designed the Inauguration Clothes?

The First Lady-elect drew admiration worldwide for her Inauguration Day style, which started out on Friday morning with a distinctive powder blue dress.

Some are comparing Melania Trump’s style to that of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, especially because Melania wore matching blue gloves with the outfit. Indeed, Melania’s garb was an ode somewhat to Jackie O at the 1961 Inauguration. (See above).

But who designed the blue dress and coat?

American designer Ralph Lauren did, and it’s a custom design, according to ABC News.

melania trump blue dress, melania trump blue suit


Melania, 46, had considered European designers, ABC reported, but opted for an American as the reins of power are transitioned to her husband, Donald. Some top designers had refused to dress the former fashion model because of her husband’s controversial remarks and politics. However, Lauren is one of the United States’ best-known designers and his lines have a distinctive American feel to them.

The high-necked outfit was made out of cashmere.

melania trump ralph lauren, ralph lauren inauguration, michelle obama melania trump

Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. (Getty)

Donald Trump was also clad in Ralph Lauren, reported ABC, wearing: “a Ralph Lauren Collection cashmere cropped cutaway jacket, cashmere mock turtleneck dress, suede gloves and suede clutch.”

The Sun reported that Melania might be wearing a Lauren gown for the Inaugural balls, although time will tell on that one.

Here’s a video of the couple arriving at St. John’s church on Inauguration Day morning.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was found of robin egg’s blue.

She also wore dresses with a neckline somewhat similar to the one Melania chose.

Ralph Lauren is becoming one of Melania Trump’s favorite presidential designers. She wore a striking white pants suit on election night that was also by Lauren, according to Elle Magazine.

On Inauguration Eve, Melania chose a gold evening gown for a candlelight dinner with donors and a black suit that was an ode to the military earlier in the day.

The reaction on social media to the blue dress was generally positive.

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Here are some more views of the blue dress and coat:

melania trump blue dress, melania trump blue coat

Melania and Donald Trump. (Getty)

First Family, Donald Trump inauguration, Barack Obama today, Obama Trump

The Obamas and the Trumps. (Getty)

melania trump blue dress, melania trump blue coat


Here’s a full gallery of what Melania Trump wore:

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