WATCH: Democrats Loudly Laugh When Trump Says He Is Draining the Swamp

During the presidential address to a joint session of Congress this evening, Democrats loudly laughed as President Donald Trump said he was draining the swamp.

Roughly 10 minutes into the speech, as Trump was running through a list of accomplishments during his first month, he said that his administration has been “draining the swamp,” a term coined during the campaign which refers to the idea of getting rid of corruption in Washington.

As soon as Trump said this, laughter could be heard echoing through the room. This was the first time during Trump’s address that Democrats voiced any kind of negative reaction; it remains to be seen whether this will be the last.

It’s generally frowned upon for the minority party to voice opposition to the president during his speech to Congress. The most famous recent example of this happening was in 2009, during which Joe Wilson, a South Carolina representative, shouted “You lie!” during a speech by President Barack Obama.