LISTEN: Randall & Anjum Coffland 911 Calls to Police

“I just shot my two kids, and I shot my wife and now I’m going to shoot myself,” an Illinois father tells police in a chilling 911 call.

Randall Coffland had indeed murdered his twin teenage daughters in front of their mother before he placed the 911 call released by St. Charles police, according to Patch.

You can listen to that 911 call above and one from his wife, Anjum, below. Be aware that both calls are extremely disturbing. The mother was the lone member of the family to survive the attack; police say Randall, a network manager from Illinois, shot and killed his daughters, Brittany and Tiffany, before shooting his estranged wife in the legs and then killing himself.

Anjum’s 911 call is particularly difficult to listen to as it is peppered with the mother’s anguished screams as she informs dispatchers her husband has killed her daughters. There is also a call from a woman who arrives to help and finds Anjum sitting in a pool of blood.

“I want you to live and suffer like I did,” Randall Coffland shouts at Anjum on the chilling 911 tape. Anjum calls police, says her husband killed her daughters, and screams. Another woman then calls 911 to report that Anjum was sitting in a pool of blood saying, “My girls are dead.”

According to CBS News, police received a 911 call from someone inside the luxury condominium around 5 p.m. March 10. It was Randall Coffland, informing them of the shootings.

After saying he had killed his daughters and shot his wife, Coffland gave police his address and then said, “I’m going to kill myself now too. My two girls are dead, and I’m killing myself,” he says.

Then, Anjum Coffland called, reported Patch: “The second 911 call released Sunday came from a panicked Anjum Coffland who told dispatchers her husband shot her kids and shot her in the leg.”

“Come here now! Oh my God, my husband shot my kids!” Anjum said in the call, screaming, “My daughters are dead!”

Police said they found one teenager dead on the sofa and the other in a bedroom, according to Patch.

Learn more about the family and the murders here:


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Tony Sliverstein

So A Crazy White American with a Proven Track record of Threats & abuse, Finally Makes good on his threats when his wife decided to be brave & save herself by divorcing him, So the Cowardly “White” American Murders his daughters , shoots them in the head, he spares the mother by shooting her in the leg on purpose, & kills himself with the same GUN ! . Wunderbar.


AND, he gets a cross at the makeshift memorial!!! Do they really want him to RIP?!? Go figure.


Are you a fruit? What difference does color make, these kids are dead. Dead kids of any color piss#s me off because someone failed them and they’ll never get a chance at life.

Steven Runyon

Yep, just like those crazy black people killing off a whole generation of themselves. Not sure what your point was but you just come off as a bitter old fool.

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