Samara Charlotin & Acacia Friedman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

3 College Students Locked Up After Prostitution Sting In Coral GablesCBS Miami’s Hank Tester reports.2017-03-31T03:57:47.000Z

Three Florida college students were arrested after being accused of running a high-class prostitution ring. On March 29, Samara Charlotin, 19, Acacia Jerico Friedman, 23, and Maury Noun, 21, were all arrested inside of the Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, just outside of Miami. An undercover cop says that he arranged with Noun to have sex with Charlotin and Friedman in exchange for $5,000. The cop also asked the girls if he could do the deed without a condom for more money. The two agreed in principal and were arrested shortly afterward. The three were also charged with the possession of weed and oxycotin.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Charlotin Is Minoring in Criminal Justice

Samara Charlotin & Acacia Friedman

Acacia Friedman (left) with Samara Charlotin. (Facebook)

Charlotin is a biology major at Florida International University where she also minors in criminal justice, reports NBC Miami. The suspect had been asked about her college life by Judge Mindy Glazer. The judge said, “You’re a smart girl, if you want to live to see age 20, you need to find a new line of employment. A very risky thing you were doing, for somebody with a lot of potential such as yourself.” The judge added, “Maybe it is a good thing you got arrested. Maybe you will change your way… lead a new path. Focus on school. You’ll do well.”

While Friedman, from San Diego, is a student at the University of Miami as is Maury Noun, reports NBC Miami. Friedman’s Twitter profile photo shows her with former president Bill Clinton.

ABC Miami reports that it was Friedman who interacted with the undercover officer. She allegedly told the officer that the $5,000 was just so the trio could “hang out.” The Miami Herald, quoting from the criminal complaint, reports, “They both discussed sexual intercourse ‘going all the way’ without a condom.”

2. Charlotin Was Voted Biggest Flirt by Senior High School Class

Acacia Friedman Mugshot

(Miami Dade Corrections)

In May 2015, Charlotin’s senior class at Coral Reef Senior High School voted her as “biggest flirt.” An earlier issue of the school newspaper quoted Charlotin as saying that she had been accepted by Florida International University but was waiting to hear back from other schools.

Charlotin was recorded by NBC Miami leaving the courthouse, she said nothing while covering her face and was then driven away. She had been released on a $9,000 bond. Charlotin was also told to not have any contact with the two other suspects. CBS Miami reports that a “tearful family member” was present in court during Charlotin’s appearance.

3. Noun Told the Media in November 2016 that He Would Be ‘Scared’ if Hillary Clinton Was Elected

Maury Noun Facebook page

Maury Noun pictured on his Facebook page.

According to his Facebook page, Noun is from Brooklyn, New York and grew up in New Jersey. He gives his professional skills as “Moving rocks.” That page says that Noun began studying at the University of Miami in 2015. He is of Lebanese heritage.

On election night 2016, Noun was quoted by CBC as saying, “I’m more afraid if Clinton wins. Look what’s happening in the Middle East, Russia is fighting ISIS, Obama is too soft for that. I don’t think he, (Trump) can be bought by lobbyists, he’s not going to let money corrupt his morals.”

Neither Miami University or Florida International University have commented on the arrest of their students.

4. Charlotin Says She Would ‘Maybe’ Have Sex With a Female on Her Ask.Fm Page

Sanara Charlotin


Charlotin had an active page where she was regularly bombarded with questions about sex and sexuality. When asked if she would have sex with another female, Charlotin repied, “Maybe.” Charlotin also explains her ethnicity saying her mother is Indian and Jamaican while her father is Haitian.

5. A Coral Gables Resident Told Local Media That Residents Don’t Want to Know About Prostitutes in the Area

Samara Charliton mugshot

(Miami Dade Corrections)

A Coral Gables resident, Kathy, told CBS Miami, “We don’t like that there are prostitutes. I will tell ya, that’s news to me because we are Coral Gables people and we do not need to hear about prostitution.” While another, Fatima, told the station, “I never know there was anything like that happening here in the last place you think of.” The same report notes that Coral Gables residents “take pride” in the town motto of “City Beautiful.”