Kyle Stephen Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kyle Stephen Thompson. (Montgomery County Police)

A 31-year-old Maryland man is accused of sexually assaulting at least three young girls, including two under the age of 5, and recording the “horrifying” abuse, prosecutors say.

Kyle Stephen Thompson, of Burtonsville, has been charged by the Montgomery County State’s Attorneys’ Office and the U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland.

He has been in custody since his arrest in March 2017 following a raid on his home by Montgomery County Police that uncovered videos and photographs on devices depicting the abuse, which dates back to at least 2013, prosecutors said.

Detectives from the county police department’s Special Victims Investigation Division began investigating Thompson after receiving a tip about the sexual abuse from an anonymous source on March 16.

“The allegations are, quite frankly, just horrific,” Montgomery County Assistant State’s Attorney Danielle Sartwell said in court, the Washington Post reports.

Thompson, who has no prior criminal record, is being held without bail on the state charges, which include two counts of first-degree sex offense, two counts of sex abuse of a minor and one count of third-degree sex offense. He could face life in prison on the first-degree sex offense charges and up to 25 years on the sexual abuse of a minor counts.

He was also indicted on April 5 on 18 counts of production of child pornography, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. Those charges each carry a minimum of 15 years in prison and up to 30 years.

“Investigators believe that Kyle Thompson may have befriended women who have young girls in order to gain access to those girls,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. “Anyone who may have information regarding inappropriate or criminal activity committed by Thompson, or possible victims of Thompson, is asked to contact the Baltimore FBI at 410-265-8080.”

Thompson has “denied everything,” and refused to answer questions from police, asking to speak to an attorney.

The case remains open, state and federal authorities said.

Scott Hinkley, the assistant special agent in charge at the FBI’s Baltimore field office, told WTOP-TV he believes there are more victims, because Thompson has shown a pattern of dating women related to his victims.

“He would befriend women, and we believe that went on extensively,” Hinkley told WTOP.

“It does stand out as gruesome in nature,” Hinckley told the news station. “(The) activity that is alleged to have occurred is very disturbing to say the least.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Video Shows the 4-Year-Old Victim Yelling ‘I Want My Mommy’ as She Was Assaulted by Thompson, Police Say

(Montgomery County District Attorney)

One of the young victims Kyle Thompson is accused of sexually assaulting, a 4-year-old girl, is related to him, according to court documents obtained by Heavy.

The anonymous source who reported Thompson to police told investigators that Thompson showed him “several videos” of him “having sexual intercourse and performing sexual acts” with the girl and two other unknown underage females, Detective Melvin Avelar wrote in charging documents.

In one video, the girl can be heard screaming, “I want my mommy,” as she is sexually assaulted, Avelar wrote. Thompson can be heard replying, “Your mommy can’t save you.”

In another video, the 4-year-old girl’s arms are tied with a belt as Thompson sexually assaults her while she cried, Avelar said.

Thompson told the source that he had been sexually assaulting the girl for more than six months and had abused her on several occasions. He said the abuse occurred in a wooded area near his house, police said.

The videos depicting the sexual assaults of the 4-year-old girl were timestamped with January 28, 2017, according to police.

2. He Is Accused of Sexually Assaulting a 3-Year-Old Girl While Babysitting Her for His Girlfriend, the Victim’s Grandmother

Thompson is also accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl on a different occasion, according to court documents. Police said they found a video of the abuse at Thompson’s home.

He was babysitting the victim while the girl’s grandmother was out getting food, according to police. He was dating the grandmother at the time, police said.

The videos, recorded between winter 2015 and July 2015, show Thompson sexually assaulting the 3-year-old girl as she cries, Detective Melvin Avelar said in charging documents.

3. Police in Baltimore County Investigated Accusations Thompson Sexually Assaulted a 3rd Girl in 2015, but No Charges Were Filed

(Maryland Court)

Thompson has no prior criminal record, but was investigated for child sexual abuse by Baltimore County Police in October 2015. He was not arrested, but the case remained open.

According to court documents, Thompson was accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl in that incident.

The girl, now 15, told police she was assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend, Thompson, according to court documents. The girl’s mother appears to have “lied to the police and Child Protective Services of not knowing” his full name and whereabouts, police said.

The girl told investigators she was “touched inappropriately” while she was being watched by Thompson, according to court documents. She said they were sitting on a log in a wooded area near a lake or a small river. Thompson asked the girl for a hug, she said.

“While they hugged (the victim) said Thompson’s hands went underneath her pants and underwear and grabbed her buttocks,” Detective Melvin Avelar wrote in charging documents. Thompson then tried to pull down the girl’s pants and underwear, she told police.

She said she ran away and never saw Thompson again after her mother confronted him.

The victim’s mother told police she had “been trying to get away from Thompson for a few years due to him threatening to kill her and her children. She further stated if she would not comply with his demands, he would seriously beat her. He would also say he would take a drive and shoot her and her children.”

4. Police Say He Is an ‘Extremely Violent Man’ Who Owns 15 Guns & Has Raped & Beaten Women at Gunpoint Before

(Montgomery County District Attorney)

Police and prosecutors requested that Thompson be held without bail because of the severity of the charges against him. That request was granted by a judge.

Detective Melvin Avelar wrote in court documents that Thompson “is an extremely violent man.”

Thompson has 15 registered weapons, Avelar said.

Avelar said he determined Thompson “raped and beat (the victim’s mother) and other females, to include putting a handgun to their face or mouth. … Due to the violence demonstrated by Thompson and him having access to 15 firearms, the writer would like to request bond be denied to him.”

5. He Worked as an HVAC Technician Until His ‘Shocking’ Arrest & His Former Employer Says He Was a ‘Hard-working, Loyal Employee’

Kyle Thompson worked as an HVAC technician for Compu Dynamics, a Sterling, Virginia, based company, making $80,000 a year, according to court documents.

The company told the Washington Post that Thompson was fired about two weeks ago after they learned of his arrest.

He maintained cooling systems at office buildings and large data centers in the Washington area, the Post reports.

“He just kind of started that after high school, worked his way up, and now holds a masters license in that field,” his attorney said in court.

Thompson began working at Compu Dymnamics about 10 years ago and passed a background check, the company told the Post. They said they were “shocked and saddened” by the accusations.

“We never had any reason to suspect he was anyone but a hard-working, loyal employee,” Lee Piazza, the company’s vice president, told the newspaper.

“He was very pleasant,” his neighbor, Donna Ballard, told the Post. She said he moved into the neighborhood about 10 years ago and seemed shy at first. “It’s hard — when you see just one side of a person — to comprehend this sort of stuff. I don’t think any of us can sit in judgment until all the facts come out. But if he did this, he needs to be locked up.”

Another longtime neighbor, Karen Allen, told WJLA-TV, “It doesn’t even fit in with his character. “He is so quiet and stayed to himself. He went to work every morning. Oh my god! Kyle, Kyle, Kyle what the hell is wrong with you?”

Allen told the news station, “It just blows my mind that something like this is oging on just two doors from my house. Thank God I don’t have any children.”