Reality Winner Posted Anti-Donald Trump Statements on Social Media


One of President Donald Trump‘s No. 1 initiatives recently has been to start and investigation to locate any people that may have leaked classified information from the government.

The first of those “leakers” may have been identified, as 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner was charged in federal court on June 5 with “gathering, transmitting or losing defense information.” If convicted of the charge, Winner could spend up to 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

Winner, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, was an employee at Pluribus International Corporation based out of Alexandria, Virginia starting in mid-February. The company is a government contractor, and Winner was assigned to a government agency in Georgia, where she handled classified information. As part of being an employee at the company, Winner had a Top Secret secruity clearance. She allegedly obtained an NSA document, copied it, and sent it through the U.S. Mail from Augusta, Georgia to an unidentified news organization for publication.

Notably, Winner hasn’t exactly shied away from posting about politics — or Trump — on her various social media accounts. She’s been largely critical of the administration on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Check out some of the politically-motivated posts Winner has posted below:

A Facebook Post Shows Her Criticizing Trump About the Dakota Access Pipeline


Winner Had 2 Posts to Facebook About Trump



45″ height=”144″ class=”size-full wp-image-1481498″ /> (Facebook)[/caption]

On Instagram, Winner Posted About Supporting Rand Paul


Winner’s Last Post to Twitter — Using the Name ‘Sara Winner’ — Was to Kanye West About Being White


She Tweeted About Supporting Iran Just Before Starting Her Job


She’s Tweeted Several Things About Donald Trump’s Presidency




Winner Apparently Received a Signed Photo From Anderson Cooper


Winner’s ‘Likes’ on Facebook Included Bernie Sanders



Although the news organization wasn’t identified in the criminal complaint, it’s believed to be The Intercept, which published a similar document in a story June 5 — the same day Winner was charged by the DOJ. The document was dated May 5, a search warrant said.

The F.B.I. was tipped off after someone at the news organization came forward to authorities May 30, saying they believed the document they were going to publish in a future story contained extremely sensitive information. The agency confirmed the authenticity of the document and claimed that it could do damage to the U.S. and its defense.

Authorities acted on a search warrant June 3 at Winner’s home and found enough evidence for probable cause. Following the search, they brought Winner into custody, where she was interviewed. During the interview, a criminal complaint stated that she admitted to willingly obtaining the document and sending it to the news organization.

She’s due to appear in court June 8.


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Johnny Begood

Interesting. Hillary Clinton committed more gross violations this should have set precedence for allowing all Haters to walk away from any crime they commit. Yeah, Right.Like that is going to happen. Well, at least they found a scapegoat to hang all the Fake News leaks on.


Bloomberg reports: “(Reality Winner) allegedly expressed support in her writings for Taliban leaders and Osama bin Laden as well as proclaiming she wanted to burn down the White House.
‘She seems to have a fascination with the Middle East and Islamic terrorism,’ Epps said. He quoted her as having written: ‘It’s a Christlike vision to have a fundamentalist Islamic state.’ “

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