‘All Clear’ Given After ‘Active Shooter’ Report at Washington State Capitol

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@jesterphotog/Instagram Police at the scene of a lockdown and possible active shooter situation at the Washington state capitol campus in Olympia.

The Washington state capitol campus in Olympia was put on lockdown after a report of an active shooter in one of the buildings there, police and witnesses say. The “all-clear” was given about an hour after the first reports of an incident.

“Public advised to stay away from Capitol Campus until further notice. Police activity at Natural Resource and Office Building 2,” the Washington State Patrol said on Twitter. Those in the capitol campus buildings were told to shelter in place.

According to witnesses, a man was reported to be on the capitol campus with a rifle. All of the campus buildings were put on lockdown, while police were focusing on the east side of the campus. It is not known if anyone has been injured or if shots were fired. Employees and visitors were told to shelter in place.

The incident was reported 9:30 a.m.

Dan Zimmerman, who works in the Natural Resources Building, said on Twitter, “Gun shots at DSHS headquarters in Oly on Capitol Campus,” referring to the Department of Social and Health Services, but it does not appear that shots were actually fired.

Photos taken by @JesterPhotog show the police response.

olympia capitol campus shooter

@jesterphotog/InstagramPolice at the Olympia capitol campus in Washington.

olympia shooting

@jesterphotog/InstagramA sign warns that the Natural Resource and Office Building 2 is closed because of an emergency.

A video posted to Twitter showed heavily armed police in one of the campus buildings.

In another video, an employee can be heard telling those who are locked down that police were searching for a man with a rifle.

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