WATCH: G20 Protester Throws Bike in Bonfire and Fights With Woman

A G20 protester threw a common use bicycle into one of the bonfires lining the streets of Hamburg, Germany. Explosions inside of the bonfire followed soon after.

The woman and the man had an altercation for a few minutes after the bicycle was thrown in the fire, until others stepped in to separate the two arguing.

Heavy is on the scene in the video above, as police and protesters clash.

As black smoke rises through the streets of Hamburg protesters have taken to the downtown streets and are burning large bonfires throughout the city. Police have spread throughout the city as the G20 summit has brought groups of protesters trying to disturb discussions inside the summit.

German police are trying to block groups of anti-fascist and anti-capitalist protesters who have been rioting outside of the summit in an area called “the red zone” all day on Friday. These protests are to promote political change as leaders from around the world like President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on Friday to talk about how to handle Syria and Ukraine, among other topics.

Further outside of the red zone water cannons were set off against protesters who were ready to face the wet police storm with umbrellas and other water protection supplies after police took the same actions with protesters on Thursday.

Protesters early Friday morning tried to disrupt the Trump family and other spouses of those attending the G20 Summit by protesting outside of their lodgings.