Eric Trump Claims Twitter is Censoring His Tweets

Getty Then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, with his son Eric Trump, center, and daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, right, addresses the media following victory in the Florida state primary on March 15, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

President Donald Trump‘s son, Eric, claimed Friday that his tweets are being.

Eric, the 33-year-old third child of the president, sent out two screenshots showing a tweet he sent earlier in the day. The tweet quoted a July jobs report from Drudge Report and said “Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!”

However, when Eric viewed the tweet a second time two hours later, he said the tweet was labeled as containing “potentially sensitive content,” thus making it difficult for other users to see it.

Eric tagged Twitter in his accusation, asking, “Why are my tweets about jobs and the economy being censored?”

Twitter hasn’t yet directly responded to Eric’s inquiry.

Twitter’s media policy asks users to change their media settings and “appropriately” mark if they “intend to regularly post” potentially sensitive content, such as questionable images or language.

“If one of your Tweets containing media is reported as sensitive, it will be sent to Twitter for review,” the policy says.

Like his father and brother, Donald Jr., Eric regularly uses the social media platform to tout accomplishments and voice his opinions.

In July, Eric notably got into a Twitter fight with Keith Olbermann when the political commentator criticized Eric’s role in the Trump Organization.

It started with Kellyanne Conway responding to a tweet that accused the Clinton Foundation of peddling money, and blew up from there.

Olbermann responded to Conway’s tweet by accusing Eric of taking money from the organization to fund his play in golf tournaments.

That set off Eric, who fired back with a tweet critical of Olbermann, saying he’s raised millions of dollars for “dying children” and asked him what he’s accomplished.

That wasn’t the end of it, as Olbermann picked up things the next morning with a string of tweets containing news stories about Eric’s dealings with the Trump Organization.

Eric had no response to Olbermann and blocked him following the incident.

Eric serves as a trustee of the Trump Organization and has been married to Lara Yunaska since November 2014. In March, it was reported that Lara was pregnant with the couple’s first child.