WATCH: MMA Fighter Kills Powerlifting Champ In Brawl [Graphic]

WARNING: Some may find the following content disturbing.

Video footage of a MMA fighter allegedly killing a Russian powerlifting champion hit the internet on August 20, 2017 (video above). According to Crime Russia, CCTV cameras recorded the fight that left World Champion powerlifter Andrey Drachev dead.

In the video, the MMA fighter lands a spinning wheel kick to the head of Drachev. Drachev gets back up before being knocked to the ground again, hitting his head hard on the ground. The fighter then punches Drachev several more times in the head while he is on the ground, before someone jumps in to stop him.

According to regional ICR, the conflict occurred between the 32-year-old Drachev and another man at a cafe, and a fight ensued in the center of Khabarovsk at around 7:00 a.m. on August 20. According to Crime Russia, the MMA fighter has been identified as Anar Ziranov, who has competed professionally in MMA and has posted videos of himself training on social media.

After the fight, Ziranov disappeared and according to regional ICR, measures to locate and detain him are currently being carried out. Officers of the MIA Directoate in the Khabarovsk region are taking active part in the investigation, according to Crime Russia.

“The man suspected of inflicting deadly injuries to Drachev is still at large, and law enforcement officers are carrying out measures aimed at detaining the suspect,” said Ilya Gudkov, a senior aide to the head of the Khabarovsk Territory’s Investigative Committee.

The two were reportedly fighting after a heated argument over whether MMA fighting is better than gymnastics, according to Mirror.

The AmurMedia news agency reported that Drachev, 31, suffered serious head injuries and was transported to a hospital, where he did not regain consciousness.

Drachev was World and European champion in powerlifting. According to Crime Russia, he also set a world record in the triathlon. In April 2017, Drachev participated in the open Bodybuilding Championship of the Primorsky region for the first time and took first place in the category “Extreme Bodybuilding.”

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Watching his death, eye on the video because tragedy thrills me so. Whatever flavor it happens to be. It’s no fun until someone dies. Don’t look at me like I am a monster, you were all staring like zombies while the powertlifter died. Why do we need to watch things die from a safe distance – we all need this, so why can’t we just admit it? Creduluous at best, our desire to believe in the heavenly angels or in the hearts of mankind. The universe is hostile, so impersonal, devouring to survive. So it is. So it’s always been. We all feed on tragedy, like blood to a vampire. Vicariously we live while the whole world dies.


The supposedly mma is a PUSSY, within seconds of the fight he should have known that the power lifter wasn’t a fighter, that’s probably the only fight he’s ever one, like I said Pussy

A.M. Pietroschek

Yeah, real fighters ain’t about flatlining helpless people. Neither are real soldiers around to rape and plunder. MMA attracts many bad people, no good sign for the long run.

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