Christopher Conway: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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FacebookChristopher Conway is shown posing with his newborn twin girls in this photo dated February 2017.

WARNING: This story contains graphic content that some people might find disturbing.

Christopher Paul Conway is being held on gruesome charges of raping and murdering his own infant daughter. Police say the girl was sexually assaulted before being strangled to death with a cord.

Authorities in Clarksville, Tennessee responded to a 911 call Tuesday morning just after 7 a.m. and discovered the victim. When officers arrived CPR was being done on the already-unconscious baby. She was pronounced dead about 40 minutes after arriving at a nearby hospital.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say Conway Admitted to the Heinous Crime

Christopher Conway’s mugshot.

According to arrest warrants obained by The Leaf-Chronicle, Conway, 22, confessed to authorities that he had both raped and killed his 9-month-old daughter. The girl was a twin, and the other baby’s life was spared.

A release from police department spokesman Jim Knoll described the horrifying scene of the crime. “It was determined the nine month old female infant had been sexually assaulted and that a cord was wrapped around the child’s neck causing her death,” the release stated, according to

Conway was subsequently charged with aggravated assault of a child and homicide. He is being held at the Montgomery County Jail.

2. He Was a Medic for the U.S. Army

Christopher Paul Conway Tennessee

Conway served in the U.S. Army.

Conway’s Facebook profile stated that he was married and a “Combat medic at US-Army.”

A spokesperson with Fort Campbell in Tennessee confirmed with WKRG that Conway was “currently enlisted as a medic in the U.S. Army.”

While court records state Conway as having a Clarksville, Tennessee address, the suspect’s Facebook page indicates he is from Grand Bay, Alabama.

The alleged killer’s Facebook page said he “studied at Columbia Southern University,”

The page also stated that he formerly worked as a cashier at St. Elmo Feed & Seed, and worked for Silver King Golf Club LLC in the past.

3. Facebook Photos Painted a Picture-Perfect Family

Christopher Paul Conway Tennessee

Christopher Conway.

A glance at the alleged murderer’s Facebook page shows images of a seemingly loving family. In one photo dated April 3, as seen above, Conway posed in Army attire, donning his tiny twin girls in the pockets of his cargo pants.

“You cant take them to the field with you!,” a friend commented beneath the picture. “Not quite IAW AR670-1 huh?,” Conway responded.

Other photos depict Conway as a doting husband alongside his wife, and as a man who seemed proud to serve his country.

On September 22 of 2016, the suspect posted a birth announcement image with military boots, a women’s pair of shoes and white booties for the babies-to-be:

Christopher Conway Tennessee

A photo from Conway’s now deleted Facebook page.

Some expressed their outrage regarding the case on Facebook.

“Chris Conway I pray you die a slow horrible death you sick mother f**k,” Michael Rogers wrote. “They should do you how you did that sweet baby…DIE B**CH.”

“This sick f**k deserves the death penalty….Chris Conway…I’m ashamed that you were a fellow service member and medic,” Reginald Rubin Jr. stated. “May you burn in Hell! R.I.P. to his baby girl.”

Marisol Irizarry Gerth shared a family photo featuring Conway, his wife and the twins, stating:

How do you go from this picture not even four months ago to taking that same child and raping and murdering her last night POS Chris Conway I hope that they throw the book at you. I hope that there is a special hell reserved for you and may the jail system swallow you up and do justice by this child. I would gladly pay for the broom handles to be shipped to whatever jail you find yourself in. Sending love and light to his surviving daughter, wife and family for strength and peace.

4. A Neighbor Described Him as ‘Quiet’

Christopher Conway Tennessee

Christopher Paul Conway was described as “quiet.”

Neighbors told Fox 17 that Conway and his wife had only lived in the neighborhood for “a few months” and one neighbor described Conway as “quiet.”

“He’s military so he comes and goes,” Billy Reynolds told the station. “Other than that I don’t talk to him.”

“He was quiet,” Reynolds added. “He was a nice man. Other than that didn’t hear much of them. You didn’t hear from him or his wife at all.”

“This affects so many people that aren’t direct family,” police spokesman Knoll said, according to Fox 17. “It makes people hold their kids a little bit closer. It makes everybody think; how could somebody be such a monster? We can’t answer those questions.”

The family’s yard showed a tragic scene Wednesday morning. KSDK described the site as having “a white cutout Nativity silhouette of Joseph, Mary and Jesus in a manger, and the remnants of crime scene tape ripped from a fire hydrant.”

5. He Is Being Held on $100,000 bail

Christopher Conway murder Tennessee

Christopher Paul Conway.

According to jail records, Conway was given a bond of $100,000 for the rape charge, but no bond is currently listed for the homicide.

Conway’s other child was removed from the home and in state custody at the time of publishing.

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