Woman Raped & Eaten Alive by Gang: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Suspects - Brazil rape and murder

Bahia Police The suspects arrested by Bahia Police.

A Brazilian couple suffered 24 hours of hellish torture at the hands of a ruthless gang, including the wife being raped in front of her husband and being mutilated and cannibalized while still alive. Eventually, the gang finally killed the couple, and there is no doubt that the torture they endured was a fate far worse than death.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Cristina & Juvenal Amaral Are Believed to Have Been Targeted by The Gang for Money

Victim Cristina Amaral/file photo from Bahia Police.

Bahia PoliceVictim Cristina Amaral/file photo from Bahia Police.

Cristina and Juvenal Amaral are believed to have been targeted by the gang in order to extort money from them. The gang attacked the Amarals at their home in Camaçari City. First, the gang ransacked the home, taking anything and everything of value. After virtually destroying the home, the gang was not satisfied.

They believed that the Amarals had much more money. The Amarals denied it. So, the gang decided that they would torture the couple until they told them where the money was. The Amarals had recently received a $25,000 settlement and their housekeeper, who is the grandmother of one of the suspects, informed her grandson. However, she has not been charged in connection with the crime, reports The Toronto Sun.

They dragged the couple outside. The rape, torture and murder took place in their backyard, in a garden hidden from view. The more the couple denied having any additional money hidden in the house, the more the torture escalated.

2. The Amarals Were Tortured For at Least 24 Hours Before They Were Killed

The location where the victims were tortured and killed.

Bahia PoliceThe location where the victims were tortured and killed.

Juvenal, who was 57, was viciously tortured along with his wife, Cristina, 44. The suspects are accused of slicing open his back with a knife while he was alive. The killers confessed that the Amarals before they died and beheaded Cristina, according to The Daily Mail.

The couples’ mutilated bodies was found burned and buried in a shallow grave in the garden at the back of the house. The suspects were taken to the property by investigators and allegedly revealed the spot where the corpses were left to rot.

Additionally, the suspects are accused of brutally raping Cristina while forcing her husband to watch. They are also believed to have amputated one of Cristina’s arms while she was still alive.

3. There is Evidence That Cristina Was Cannibalized While Still Alive

Another view of the location where the rape, torture, cannibalism and murder occurred.

Bahia PoliceAnother view of the location where the rape, torture, cannibalism and murder occurred.

Their mangled bodies were discovered buried in their backyard of their home in Camacari, in the northeast part of the country. Investigators say the woman was missing a number of organs — including her ovaries.

Detective Maria Tereza Santos, head of homicide division said she believes the suspects “practised canibalism”.

She added: “Internal organs, including the ovaries and fallopian tubes had been ripped out of the female’s body and other body parts are missing. There is no indication of where these organs are,” reports The Toronto Sun.

“We found that soft tissue had been deliberately cut and sliced from the bones of the victims. We are also investigating whether consumption took place while the victims were still alive,” The Toronto Sun continued.

According to The Metro, there is no doubt that Cristina’s fallopian tubes were removed from her body and consumed by the suspects while she was still alive, and her husband was forced to watch.

4. The Gang Included 2 Men in Their 20s As Well As 3 Teenagers, The Youngest of Whom is 13

Suspected Brazilian gang

Bahia PoliceThe suspected gang.

Suspects Daniel Santos Neves, 29 and Carlos Alberto Neres, 25, were arrested by local police. Also arrested were three teenagers aged 13, 14 and 16 after an anonymous tip off, reports The Sun.

When police apprehended the gang, they were rumored to be found with a 12-gauge shotgun, a handgun and a vehicle believed to be owned by the Amarals.

“They have been charged with robbery, rape, torture, murder, illegal possession of weapons and suspected cannibalism in a crime which has sent shock waves through the industrial city. Investigators said the two adults face charges including robbery, torture, murder, concealment of a corpse, illegal possession of weapons and corruption of minors. The teens have been charged with rape and robbery,” The Sun reports.

5. Brazil Has Been Called The Murder Capital of The World

Shallow grave Brazil

Bahia PoliceThe shallow grave where the bodies were found.

Brazil is considered to be a “critical threat location.”

The OSAC elaborates as follows:

“Violent crimes (murder, armed robbery, carjackings, assaults, kidnappings) are a frequent occurrence. Opportunistic street crime (pickpocketing, purse snatching, smash-and-grab thefts from vehicles and storefronts) is a constant concern. These acts take place in all areas of the city, at any time, and year-round. Foreign visitors, including American citizens, have been victims, often targeted due to their perceived wealth and lack of awareness. Do not walk and use a mobile phone. If you need to make/answer a call, go into a store, bank, or other secure location. Smartphones are a highly desirable target for thieves.

Most criminals are armed and will not hesitate to use violence if they encounter resistance. In the majority of incidents, victims were unharmed when compliant. Do not physically resist any robbery attempt. While this is a personal decision, statistics show that resistance can lead to injury or death.

Traveling in groups of two or more persons appears to have a positive effect on deterring criminals. Do not walk on beaches or in parks during hours of darkness. Assaults are common in these areas.”

For more crime statistics and tips about safety when visiting Brazil, OSAC has a full report available here.