What Time Are the Fake News Awards?

Getty Fake News Awards

The Fake News Awards are turning into about as much of a mystery as some of the “fake news” stories they are supposedly awarding. As of the time of publication, we don’t know what time to expect the Fake News Awards to happen today, except they are supposed to happen sometime later today, according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Of course, all of this could change with just a tweet from President Donald Trump, and this story will be updated when more information is known.

During a press briefing today, it was expected that Huckabee Sanders would give more details about what time the “awards” are happening. At this point, it’s not even known if it will be some kind of ceremony, televised, or if the awards will just be given out via tweets.  Huckabee Sanders simply said that some type of event would happen later today.

Earlier today, Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said on Fox News that the White House was “very excited about the Fake News Awards.” But instead of more details, he was kind of vague after that. “You have to stay tuned. I know there has been excitement for weeks now. Few more hours there will be an announcement a little bit later. I don’t want to get ahead of it.”

So that’s all we know at this point. The awards are supposed to still happen sometime this afternoon, and that’s the extent of what’s been released. The awards were originally supposed to take place earlier this month. On January 2 Trump tweeted: “I will be announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o’clock. Subjects will cover Dishonesty & Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media. Stay tuned!”

Then later he reset the date to today, but didn’t give a time or any more details. He wrote: “The Fake News Awards, those going to the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media, will be presented to the losers on Wednesday, January 17th, rather than this coming Monday. The interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!”

So at this point, only time will tell what time they happen today. We will update this story as more information is available.