Squeaky Fromme: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Twitter.com: https://twitter.com/lynetteafromme Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme stands outside of the courthouse.

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, is and undoubtedly always has been one of the most notorious, intriguing and devoted members of the Manson Family. According to Curbed, during his heyday at Spahn Ranch in California, Manson lived with a virtual harem of young women; a hedonistic lifestyle devoted to sex, drugs, and a plan to turn the world upside down. It was not difficult for Manson to attract new members to join his family. He attracted young drifters who were looking for somewhere to belong, along with a good time.

Many people were instantly intrigued by one of Manson’s paramours, Squeaky Fromme. While she did not join the Manson Family until after she graduated from high school, with her small frame, petite, delicate features, the pretty redhead appeared to be much younger. She previously trained with a dance troupe and had been groomed for a much different life. She was a member of the National Honor Society and had a bright future ahead of her, according to https://www.biography.com/people/squeaky-fromme-20902443However, she met Charles Manson, who was known for his ability to mesmerize and even enchant people. Add a dash of acid to the mix, and young Squeaky was putty in his hands.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Squeaky Was Described as a Brilliant Child

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Squeaky grew up in an upper-middle class household. Her mother was a homemaker and her father was an aeronautical engineer. She was a talented dancer and joined a semi-professional team that was invited to perform on the Laurence Welk show. Squeaky earned high marks in school and was considered to be a brilliant student with a promising career, reports Biography.com.

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Squeaky’s parents’ marriage became increasingly turbulent and, at times, violent, reports Rolling Stone. As a result, Squeaky spent less time at home and lost focus on her studies. Instead of pursuing dance or attending college, she decided to get away from home and explore her freedom. Young and wild, it was then that the petite redhead would meet Charles Manson, a much older man who had already spent several stints in prison. Squeaky quickly became enamored with Manson through the use of drugs and sex, and she became one of his main girls, ready to obey his every command.

What did young Lynette see in Charles Manson? He was disheveled, disorganized, chaotic and constantly high on acid. She was drawn in by his high level of energy. Being with Manson was exciting for Squeaky, and she enjoyed being part of the counterculture. Was the disillusioned and confused about her future? Of course she was, like most teens in the 60s were. Manson had all the answers, as Datalounge explains.

2. It is Because of Squeaky That The Family Was Allowed to Stay at Spahn Ranch

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George Spahn, the owner of the sprawling California ranch, was in his 80s when he met the Manson Family. Spahn Ranch was previously used as a movie set, but by the late 1960s, very little activity took place there, according to Curbed.com. Charles Manson saw the perfect opportunity. He wanted a location in the desert where he and his family could roam freely, away from society, and plan for the radical race war they planned on starting. The family members drove dune buggies and lived in caves.

With very little money to pay George Spahn for rent, Manson and Spahn reached an agreement. The women of the Manson family would have sex with Spahn and be available at his beck and call and the whole family would be allowed to stay for free. It was said that Spahn is the one who gave the women their famous nicknames: Big Patty, Gypsy, Sexy Sadie, and of course, Squeaky. Squeaky was Spahn’s favorite and she took on the role of his “wife.” She kept an eye on things around the ranch for Spahn and was expected to provide him with the most sexual favors, as Rolling Stone reports.

Did Squeaky ever complain about having to routinely perform sex acts on an octogenarian? Her love and devotion to Charles Manson was so strong that she would not dare. In fact, George Spahn reportedly bestowed Squeaky’s nickname upon her as a result of the way she squeaked when he touched her, Rolling Stone continues.

3. Squeaky Was Not Involved With The Tate-Labianca Murders

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Contrary to popular belief, Squeaky had nothing to do with the infamous Tate-Labianca murders. While Squeaky was indeed a member of the Manson Family at the time, she was excluded entirely from the deadly attacks. Squeaky did, however, make several appearances at the trials of Charles Manson, Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie van Houten, Susan Atkins and so forth. People has compiled a gallery of the madness outside the courtroom.

Squeaky and the other women who supported Manson but were not on trial would pull all sorts of stunts inside and outside the courtroom to get attention. They once all appeared with shaved heads. They would sing at certain times or make bizarre gestures with their hands. It was all carefully choreographed and disruptive, as Time details.

Eventually, Squeaky and Manson’s other supports were asked to sit on the sidewalk outside the courthouse. Things had risen to a fever pitch inside the courtroom; at one point with Manson lunging toward the judge with a knife, threatening to kill him, as the New York Times reports.

4. Squeaky ‘Attempted’ to Assassinate President Ford

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On September 5, 1975, in Sacramento, Squeaky Fromme “attempted” to assassinate President Gerald Ford, as CrimeFeed reports. It is difficult to say whether Fromme’s assassination attempt was legitimate or not. She did indeed brandish and aim a firearm at the president, which was later determined not to be loaded.

The LA Times reports secret agents subdued her and pushed her to the ground, she screamed “it didn’t go off!” Fromme would be sentenced to life in prison for the attempt. She briefly escaped from prison in 1987 when she heard Charles Manson was sick. Squeaky was trying to locate the hospital where Manson was being treated, her devotion to him never wavering. She would soon be recaptured and returned to prison.

5. Squeaky Was Released From Prison in 2009

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Squeaky was released from prison on August 16, 2009, according to cielodrive.com. She is now 69 years old and lives with her boyfriend. Newsweek recently spotted her in Mercy, New York shopping at a Walmart, her formerly red hair now a long gray braid.

As far as what Squeaky does with her share time; that remains a mystery. She enjoys her privacy and has declined all requests for interviews. As such, the mystery of Squeaky Fromme lives on.