Dawn Diimmler: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

dawn diimmler

Facebook/Dawn Diimmler Dawn Diimmler.

Dawn Diimmler, an assistant principal in the Lexington School District Two, was fired after the district launched an investigation into allegations that she “might be involved in an unprofessional relationship with a student.”

The accusation against Diimmler, 43, is the latest in a string of unrelated cases throughout the United States in which educational professionals were alleged to have an inappropriate relationship with a student. Diimmler worked at Airport High School in West Columbia, South Carolina. Diimmler is still listed on the high school website as Assistant Principal for Administration.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Diimmler Was Terminated After the District Allegedly Became ‘Aware of Facts indicating the Possibility of Criminal Activity’

dawn diimmler

Dawn Diimmler.

Diimmler is accused of “having sexual intercourse at the school with a 19-year-old Airport student over whom she had direct supervision,” according to The State. She is now charged with sexual battery. She was allegedly involved with the student for three months and is accused of having sexual intercourse with the student twice at school as well as outside of the school.

Diimmler was charged with “sexual battery with a student 18 years of age or older, where there is direct supervisory authority, no aggravated force or coercion.” Lexington School District did release a statement on February 13, 2018 that explained why Dawn Diimmler was terminated from her position.

dawn diimmler

Dawn Diimmler with her family.

“Ms. Diimmler was terminated following the district’s investigation into allegations that she might be involved in an unprofessional relationship with a student,” the district said. “During that investigation, the district became aware of facts indicating the possibility of criminal activity. In response, the district notified law enforcement that same day, January 30, 2018, of those facts and has continued to cooperate with law enforcement during its investigation.”

According to WLTX, The Cayce Department of Public Safety “confirmed it’s investigating an allegation of misconduct there,” but did not identify the employee. “This investigation is active and releasing further details at this time may jeopardize the integrity of the investigation,” the agency statement said.

2. Diimmler Worked in Education for More Than 20 Years

dawn diimmler husband

Dawn Diimmler with her family.

Diimmler has a long career in education. She was an assistant principal at Airport High School at the time of her termination but also worked in other positions in South Carolina schools. “Diimmler previously served as assistant principal at Pine Ridge Middle School, starting in 2012,” according to The State. She began working in education in 1995.

In addition to her termination, Airport High principal Brad Coleman “remains on administrative leave but is still principal,” The State reported, although the reason is not clear. The School Board called a special meeting to deal with the unfolding situation.

3. Diimmler Studied Emotional Behavioral Disorders in College

dawn diimmler

Dawn Diimmler.

According to her Facebook page, Diimmler wrote that, in addition to being an assistant principal, she was a “former Assistant Principal then PBIS Coordinator at Lexington & Richland County School District Five.”

Her page also says that she “studied Educational Leadership & Supervision at University of South Carolina. Studied Emotional Behavior Disorders at College of Charleston’s School of Education, Health, and Human Performance. Went to Irmo High School. Lives in Chapin, South Carolina.” She has a B.S. from the College of Charleston and an M.ed from the University of South Carolina, according to the Lexington Chronicle.

Diimmler frequently posts family photos on Facebook with her husband and three children.

4. Diimmler Works for a Family Catering Business

dawn diimmler, dawn dimmler

Dawn Diimmler.

In addition to working as an assistant principal, Diimmler wrote on Facebook that she worked at Diimmler’s Catering and Special Events LLC.

According to the catering company’s website, “Diimmler’s is a family-owned catering company located near the Lake Murray dam in Irmo, South Carolina. We have been in business since 1999, and cater events of all scale throughout the greater Columbia area and the State. We are dedicated to providing consistently great food and excellent service to all of our customers. Let us know how we can help you with your next event.”

Diimmler’s Twitter page is protected. Her profile reads, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only LIGHT can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that.” -MLK Jr not accepting followers- just family.”

5. Multiple Female Teachers in the United States Have Been Accused of Unprofessional Relationships With Astudents

TwitterLoryn Barclay.

Over the past two years, many female teachers have been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Dori Myers, a teacher in the Bronx, was accused of having oral sex with a juvenile, charges she denies.

Cassandra White, an English teacher in Oklahoma, is even accused of taking out a marriage license with a teenage boy. Hunter Day, an Oklahoma teacher, was accused of sending nude photos to a student. Among other recent cases: Loryn Barclay, a former substitute teacher at a Missouri High School, was accused of having sexual contact multiple times with a 17-year-old boy. Shawnetta Reece, a gym teacher from Georgia, was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Tracy Miller, a West Virginia teacher, was accused of sending nude photos to students. Nataly Lopez, a 27-year-old former substitute teacher at a middle school in New Jersey, was accused of having sexual contact with a student. Lindsey Jarvis, a 27-year-old middle school teacher’s aide, was accused of the rape and sodomy of a student who was under the age of 16. Jarvis was arrested in Fayette County, Kentucky, on June 16. Then there’s Laura Ramos. She is a 31-year-old Connecticut high school teacher who is accused of having sex with a special education student. And there’s Tiffany Geliga.

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