Erika Chavolla: McDonald’s Employee in Viral Milkshake Fight Video

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Facebook/Erika Chavolla

Erika Chavolla is the McDonald’s employee who appeared to fight Sabrinah Fontelar in Las Vegas after a dispute over the soda fountain. The video was first uploaded by Marie Dayag on July 26 and has been viewed millions of times across the world. The brawl erupted when Fontelar, 24, asked for a cup for water and Chavolla, 24, shut down the soda fountain, preventing Fontelar from getting free soda. Words were exchanged for minute until Chavolla stormed from behind the counter to confront Fontelar. Fists are thrown as the pair brawled as other staff and customers attempted to hold Chavolla back.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chavolla Identified Herself as the Employee in an Interview With the Person Who Recorded the Fight

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Fontelar has identified herself on Instagram as the customer in the video. In a Facetime with Marie Dayag, that was posted to Dayag’s Facebook page, Chavolla identified herself as the McDonald’s employee. Fontelar says on her Instagram page that she was charged with battery due to the altercation.

Chavolla Says on Her Facebook Page that She Was Formerly as Tattoo Artist & Piercer

Erika Chavolla Facebook

Facebook/Erika Chavolla

According to her Facebook page, Chavolla lives is from and lives in Las Vegas. Chavolla graduated from Mojave High School in 2012. Chavolla describes herself as being self-employed and says that her previous job was at Chopstick Tattoo where she says she worked as a tattoo artist and piercer. Romantically, Chavolla says that she is interested in both men and women. Chavolla goes by the moniker Shivers Bytch on her Facebook page. In 2012, Chavolla says that she got engaged and married.

Chavolla Had a Public Break-Up With Her Husband on Facebook in 2016

Erika Chavolla boyfriend

Facebook/Francisco Milian

In 2014, Chavolla then says she was in a relationship with a man named Francisco Milian. Milian says on her page that he is “separated.” Milian wrote in June 2016 on his Facebook page, “F*** man I had a best friend then she was my girl and now a f***** up thing.” Chavolla replied saying, “Nah kiddow you f***** everything up.” In another message, Chavolla said that she “living without” Milian. In April 2016, Milian wrote on his page, “I hate it when they flip the script.” Chavolla replied, “Boiii please yuhr the one getting it twisted.” In February, Milian posted a photo with the caption, “Pain.” Chavolla commented on the pic saying, “You didn’t feel pain when you did it.”

Chavolla Says She Has Kept Her Job at McDonald’s Despite the Fight Video

Chavolla told Dayag that she is still working at McDonald’s after the incident. Chavolla added that the only blood she saw was a scratch on her arm from hitting Fontenah in the teeth. Chavolla said, “It’s crazy, people think just ’cause you’re working… She was trying to smack for a long time. I wasn’t even going to hit her. When there’s a big girl coming towards her, she started freaking out. Don’t talk about my mama.”

When talking about the video, Chavolla said, “That s*** was crazy. It went everywhere… I seen all the mean stuff they posting.”

Close to the end of the video, Chavolla can be heard saying, “My mama ain’t dead, you respect my mama.”

On her Instagram page, Marie Dayag identifies herself as, “THE ONE WHO RECORDED THE VIDEO.” In the YouTube description of the video, Dayag wrote, “So this happened at McDonald’s… the lady asked for a water cup and supervisor shut down the soda machine because she wasn’t letting her get a free soda.”

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