LISTEN: LeSean McCoy’s Ex-Girlfriend’s 911 Call After Home Invasion

Delicia Cordon 911 Call

Getty Police have released the 911 call made by LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon after the home invasion that left her in the hospital.

Milton Police have released the official audio recording of the 911 call LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend made after the burglary and attack occurred at McCoy’s house. At the time, Cordon was living in McCoy’s house, which is located in an Atlanta suburb. Cordon believed that the Tuesday home invasion which sent her to the hospital after she was robbed of her jewelry was a “set-up.”

Though some pauses and questions have been edited out of the video, one can still hear Cordon explaining the extent of the burglary, as well as detailing her injuries.

“Someone broke into the house, hit me with a gun, was looking for money and jewelry, and my son is missing,” Cordon said immediately to the 911 dispatcher. When the dispatcher asked if the person was still there, Cordon said that he was not, then added, “I got beat in the face.”

Cordon also said that the burglar kept asking for jewelry, though most of her explanation for what was taken out of the house was omitted from the call, likely for security purposes.

You can listen to the call below:

According to ESPN, police made a note after her 911 call, written at 3:28 AM, which read, “The caller poss[ibly] thinks her ex boyfriend poss[ibly] set her up.”

In a statement on Tuesday, Cordon’s attorney’s said that Cordon was struck in the head with a firearm, and that she also suffered some injuries to her wrist when the suspect removed jewelry from her body.

The Incident Log of McCoy’s Home Invasion Was Also Released

In addition to releasing the 911 call, Milton police also released a detailed incident log of the incident at McCoy’s house, as seen below. The notes include Cordon telling the police that her son’s window was open and a sheet was tied out of it, “like someone went from the 2nd floor,” as well as confirming that her 16-year-old son was missing.

However, the log reflects that her son was called by someone and soon returned home.

On Tuesday afternoon, immediately following the home invasion, Deadspin noted that one of Cordon’s friends posted an Instagram revealing Cordon’s bloody face, then tagged McCoy and captioned it, “you did this to my best friend!”

The account has since been put on private.

Three Reports of Domestic Abuse Incidents Between McCoy and Cordon Were Released as Well

Milton police also released three separate reports of incidents in which officers were sent to McCoys home for three separate domestic disputes in July 2017, April 2018, and June 2018.

Within the complaints, police noted that McCoy claimed Cordon owed several pieces of jewelry to dealers who had loaned them to her for public events, and he also claimed that “he was trying to be very careful about being around her given the climate of domestic abuse his profession.” The log notes that McCoy was “concerned about any false accusations being made,” and later confirms that neither McCoy nor Cordon said anything about physical abuse at the time.

In all three reports, there is no mention of physical abuse reported, and in two of the reports the police actively noted that McCoy and Cordon made no reports of abuse.

On the final report in June 2018, police say they arrived at McCoy’s home to find his mother trying to pack up some of the things in the house. The police say they explained to her that he couldn’t do that without first going to civil court. The police also noted that in a later phone call, McCoy told police he was planning to “contact his lawyer to start the process for civil court” in order to take his things from the house.

McCoy most recently addressed the incident on June 10, in an Instagram post. McCoy wrote, “For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today are completely false. Further more, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people in months.”