Curtis Collman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Curtis Collman

JCSO Curtis Collman

An Indiana father let his 8-year-old son die from a lethal dose of methamphetamine the hungry boy mistook for breakfast cereal rather than go back to prison and even threatened a friend at gunpoint not to get help for the dying child.

Curtis Gilbert Collman is charged and being held in jail in connection with the death of his son, Curtis Collman III.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say Curtis Collman Knew His Son Needed to be Hospitalized Or he Could Die & Chose Not to Save His Son

Curtis Collman III

Curtis Collman III

Collman told police that his son was “talking to his brother who was not there,” so the boy was likely hallucinating or suffering from methamphetamine-induced psychosis, Collman didn’t want to take his son to the hospital because he feared arrest and a return to prison.

Collman took his son to his parents house and left him there but not before being confronted by friends and family who said the child need to go to the hospital. Collman, who is a sex offender but had not registered, did not want to go back to jail. So he threatened people with a gun and refused to get his son help. Among the charges he faces are intimidation and pointing a firearm.

A toxicology report revealed the boy “had 180 times the lethal limit of methamphetamine in his bloodstream when he died,” local media reported.

2. Little Curtis Collman Was so Hungry he Ate What he Thought Was Breakfast Cereal Off a Plate

Curtis Collman II

Crystal meth,

No, not cereal, but 18,000 nanograms of meth, a toxicology report showed, the Seymour Tribune reported. The lethal amount is 100 nanograms.

Police said sometimes the drug can be be brownish in appearance and have a crumbly consistency.

“Obviously there was ZERO food in the house if he was eating off a plate with what he thought was cereal. He was starving and scrounging for food in his home,” a person posted on Collman’s Facebook page.

3. Collman Was Convicted in 2006 of Sexual Misconduct With a Minor

Collman was convicted in 2006 of sexual misconduct with a minor. There are few details on that case but what is available says he was sentenced to serve a year and a half but had a year suspended so he ended up doing about six months in county jail.

4. Outraged Citizens Did Not Hold Back in Their Condemnation of Collman on His Facebook Page

Curtis Collman II

Curtis Collman II

And these are the more printable of the comments. And suffice that while nearly every person that added a comment on a random post Collman made in early June, allowable since his page is public, mourned the boy, most called for Collman to spend his life in prison, and far worse.

“Why the heck did this guy have custody of this little boy???? He is a sex offender! The system failed this poor little boy. May he Rest In Peace.??”

5. If Convicted, Collman Faces Decades in Prison

Collman was charged with failing to register as a sex offender, neglect of a dependent causing death, pointing a firearm, intimidation, theft and possession of methamphetamine. He’s currently being held without bail.

If he were to be convicted on all charges he could face 30 to 40 years in prison in connection with the death of his son.