LOOK: Christine Blasey Ford’s Polygraph Results

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Getty/Palo Alto University Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford’s polygraph examination results have been released by her legal team, a day before her hearing.

According to the documents, she took a polygraph examination on August 7, which was administered by former FBI special agent Jeremiah Hanafin.

Here are the full results.

Christine Ford’s Polygraph Examination Documents

According to Hanafin, Ford’s polygraph results were “Not Indicative of Deception.” Hanafin conducted three separate analyses of her polygraph results, all of which indicated an extremely low probability of deception. In addition to the polygraph examination, Hanafin had Ford write out a written statement of the events in question, which can be seen above as well.

Ford wrote,

“One high school summer in [the] 80’s, I went to a small party in the Montgomery County area. There were four boys and a couple of girls. At one point, I went up a small stairwell to use the restroom. At that time, I was pushed into a bedroom and was locked in the room and pushed onto a bed. Two boys were in the room. Brett laid on top of me and tried to remove my clothes while groping me. He held me down and put his hand on my mouth to stop me from screaming for help. His friend Mark was also in the room and both were laughing. Mark jumped on top of us two or three times. I tried to get out from under him unsuccessfully. Then Mark jumped again and we toppled over. I managed to run out of the room across to the bathroom and lock the door. Once I heard them go downstairs, I ran out of the house and went home.”

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