POLL: Should Kavanaugh Be Confirmed After Christine Ford’s Testimony?

Getty/Palo Alto University Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh

Now that Christine Blasey Ford has testified publicly about her allegations regarding Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, do you think that Kavanaugh should still be confirmed? The question is polarizing people on opposite sides. Many Democrats feel that Ford’s testimony, coupled with her passing a lie detector test and having notes from meeting with a therapist, cast enough doubt that Kavanaugh shouldn’t be confirmed. But many Republicans feel that there just isn’t enough solid evidence to derail his confirmation and a vote for Kavanaugh should still be confirmed. What do you think? After reading this article, please vote in Heavy’s poll at the end of the story.

Ford has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were in high school, and they both testified about the allegations in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The hearing was held in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 226. Officials chose a smaller venue because they didn’t want a “circus atmosphere” like the first four days of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.

Ford was questioned part of the time by Rachel Mitchell, a sex crimes prosecutor in Arizona. Other women who have come forward with allegations about Kavanaugh were not questioned today.

Christine Blasey Ford said that Kavanaugh physically and sexually assaulted her in the early 1980s at a high school party. She said he almost raped her, she feared for her life, and when she tried to scream he put his hand over her mouth. She also said Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge was in the room when it happened.

Both Kavanaugh and Judge have denied the allegations, and Kavanaugh is set to testify about his side today also. Meanwhile, two unnamed men came forward to the Senate Judiciary Committee and claimed that Ford might have mistaken them for Kavanaugh. But during her testimony, Ford said it was definitely Kavanaugh and there was no way she mistook him for someone else.

Ford’s attorneys had requested a full investigation before the hearing that happened today. But those requests were not granted.

Republican Chair Chuck Grassley has scheduled the Judiciary Committee to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination on Friday. But he said this might be delayed, depending on the hearing.

Now that you’ve seen Ford’s testimony, take Heavy’s poll below and let us know if you think Kavanaugh should be confirmed. 

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