WATCH: Alarm Goes Off at CNN Because of ‘Suspicious Package’

The Time Warner Center in New York City, including CNN’s offices and studio, was evacuated Wednesday morning after a “suspicious package” was found there, the news network reports. The NYPD was at the scene and a bomb squad was investigating.

A fire alarm sounded live on the air as CNN anchors Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto discussed specific packages that were mailed to former President Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Those packages, which contain possible explosive materials, were intercepted by the Secret Service. A possible explosive device was also found outside of the home of Democratic mega-donor George Soros in New York. The Secret Service, FBI and ATF are investigating the incidents as if they are connected. No suspect has been named. CNN and others reported that a suspicious package was intercepted at Joint Base Bolling in D.C. addressed to the White House. But Reuters is reporting no package was addressed to the White House. Here is an updated list and more information about the other suspicious packages.

You can watch the moment CNN was evacuated below:

CNN’s other offices in Atlanta and Washington D.C. have not received suspicious packages and remain operational.

CNN Is Reporting That the NYPD Bomb Squad Is Treating the Device as a ‘Real Explosive’

Harlow and Sciutto were talking to colleague Evan Perez, who was reporting that the other devices found are believed to be “rudimentary, but functional,” with at least one of the devices containing projectiles. After Perez was finished talking, an alarm could be heard sounding. Sciutto appeared stunned and said, “excuse me that sounds like a fire alarm here, we’ll keep you posted on that.” As the alarm continued to sound, Sciutto continued talking about the explosive devices with law enforcement expert Tom Fuentes. After Fuentes talked for about 30 seconds, Harlow interrupted and said, “we’re going to jump in,” and they went to a commercial.

Sciutto and Harlow have since been reporting live from outside the CNN offices after being evacuated, with Wolf Blitzer anchoring from the news network’s Washington D.C. studio. CNN is reporting that they have been moved about two blocks away from the Time Warner Center, which is located at 10 Columbus Circle. Sciutto said an NYPD bomb squad “containment unit” arrived at the scene that could be used to remove the explosive device from the scene. CNN is reporting that police believe they are dealing with a “real explosive.”

Sciutto reports that the package made it into the Time Warner Center and was found in CNN’s mailroom by a CNN employee. It is not yet clear if the package was addressed to CNN, the news network reports.

CNN’s Brian Stelter reports, “The evacuation at Time Warner Center includes WarnerMedia corporate offices and the offices for other Turner channels like TNT. It also includes the mall and the Whole Foods in the basement.”

The Evacuation at CNN Came After Devices Were Found Addressed to Soros, Clinton, Obama & the White House

The first explosive device was found Monday, October 22 in the mailbox of the 88-year-old billionaire George Soros in Bedford, New York, according to NBC New York. Police were reviewing surveillance video to determine whether the package, which contained a device similar to a pipe bomb, was delivered to the home or sent through the regular mail, NBC New York reports. An employee at Soros’ home found the package about 3:45 p.m. Monday.

“We are working with our partners at @NewYorkFBI & @WestCtyPolice conducting an investigation at and around a residence in Bedford, NY. There is no threat to public safety, and we have no further comment at this time,” the ATF tweeted.

According to NBC News, another package was found Tuesday in Westchester County, New York, at the Chappaqua home of Hillary and Bill Clinton. The package was intercepted before it was delivered to the Clintons’ home. A second package was found that same day addressed to Obama in Washington D.C.

The Secret Service said in a statement, “The packages were immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures as potential explosive devices and were appropriately handled as such. The protectees did not receive the packages nor were they at risk of receiving them. The Secret Service has initiated a full scope criminal investigation that will leverage all available federal, state, and local resources to determine the source of the packages and identify those responsible.”

The FBI added on Twitter, “We are aware of a suspicious package found in the vicinity of the Clinton residence in Chappaqua, NY, and our JTTF has engaged with our federal, state and local partners to investigate. As this is an on-going investigation, we will have no further comment at this time.”

The ATF tweeted, “ATF is actively involved with our law enforcement partners in the investigations surrounding the suspicious devices intercepted en route to multiple locations. As this is an active investigation we have no further comment at this time.”

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