Mom Let 10-Year-Old Son Get Tattoo From 16-Year-Old, Cops Say

Nikki Dickinson Ohio

Screengrab via ABC6

An Ohio mother is accused of letting her 10-year-old son receive a tattoo from a 16-year-old in “unsafe” and “unsanitary” conditions. Nikki Dickinson, 34, posted a video of her son getting that tattoo on Facebook. The incident occurred in Bellefontaine, Ohio. The video was posted to Facebook on September 24, charges were filed against Dickinson on September 29. The Bellefontaine Examiner reports that Dickinson is facing charges of first-degree misdemeanor child endangering and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Prosecutor Daniel Carey says that Dickinson put her son in harm’s way by allowing to get the tattoo in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. The prosecutor named the tattoo artist as Kyle Richardson, 16.

Nikki Dickinson Facebook page

Facebook/Nikki DickinsonThe 10-year-old in the process of receiving the tattoo.

The Examiner says that Richardson is facing misdemeanor charges relating to tattoo laws. That report adds that Richardson is accused of performing a tattoo in a “procedure in a manner that does not meet the safety and sanitation standards.” ABC Columbus reports says that Kyle Richardson was previously accused of giving someone a tattoo that turned into an MRSA infection.

Kyle Richardson Facebook page

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The ABC Columbus reports that Dickinson told officers she was “tired” of her son asking to get the tattoo, so she relented.

Nikki Dickinson Facebook page

Facebook/Nikki Dickinson

Dickinson has been slammed in the Facebook comments under the video. One cousin of Dickinson’s called her a “piece of s***” and said, “You gonna to that to my baby cousin i f***in’ hate you nikki.” Dickinson’s grandmother said granddaughter “needs to go to jail for doing this to my grandson.” Her grandmother added, “What they gonna do start giving them drugs next.”

Ohio law says that minors can get tattoos, with their guardian’s consent, but they must be performed in a safe and sanitary manner.

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