Poll Locations Near Me: Where to Vote in the 2018 Election Today


The midterms are today, November 6, 2018. And although midterms typically have a lower voter turnout, this year is different. Many states are reporting that early voter numbers rivaled the 2016 presidential election and far surpassed the 2014 election early voter numbers.

If you want to vote today, then you’ll need to know what poll location to visit and where to vote near your location. There’s actually a very easy way to find out. Just search online.

The easiest way to find out where to vote today is simply to go to Vote.org and enter your address. 

When you enter your address, the site will pull up your assigned poll location where you can vote, along with the hours that the poll is open, and relevant laws about voting in your area. (For example, if the poll must stay open if you’re already in line at closing time, Vote.org will tell you.) The site will also display a map showing how you can get from where you live to the poll location. There may be additional locations that you can go to, but this map will show the one closest to you.

You can also click on the “What’s on your ballot” box under your voting time to find out what options you’ll be presented with today when you go to vote.

You can also find your polling place by visiting HeadCount.orgThis page also provides links for where you can check your voter registration status in your state. If you enter your address on the main search page, you’ll be told where your poll location is, along with being shown a map and your voting hours.

Or visit Voting Info Project to find your voting location. Enter your address, and you’ll be given a list of polling locations near you. They’ll be noted on a map in comparison to your address, and you can get directions and hours for each polling location. This site presented multiple options to me, where the other two sites only presented one option. It’s imperative that you vote in the polling location for your precinct, so you’re not given a provisional ballot.

If you’d rather see a list of polling locations in your state, you can use the following links. On Voter.org’s main page, you can scroll down to see polling locations by state. Here are all the links to state-by-state polling locations as shown on Vote.org:

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