Tara Condell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tara Condell

Instagram/Tara Condell Condell pictured in November 2018.

Tara Condell, a renowned nutritionist, tragically took her own life on January 30 after posting her suicide note on her website. Condell was found dead inside of her apartment on West 10th Street in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood, reports the New York Post. Condell was 27 years old.

The Post report says that Condell was found with a piece of cloth tied around her neck inside of her bedroom around 4:30 p.m. NYPD officers went to her home when Condell did not show up for work at Top Balance Nutrition. In addition to the note posted online, another note was left in the living room of her apartment.

1. Condell Wrote in Her Suicide Note that Her Life Was ‘Great on Paper’

Tara Condell Suicide Note

Condell’s suicide note was titled, “I Hate The Word “Bye”, But See You Later Maybe?” Condell says in the note that she has written the note several times in her head “for over a decade, and this one finally feels right.” Condell describes her life as being great “on paper.” She talked about New York, saying it was the second greatest city because “San Francisco, You’ll Always Have My Heart.” According to her Facebook page, Condell is a native of the Bay Area.

2. Condell Said One of the Things She Will Miss Is ‘Unexpected Hugs’

Condell wrote about the various different types of food she will miss, as well as the New York Times crossword puzzle, “unexpected hugs” and the Al Green song “Simply Beautiful.” Not to mention, “When songs feel like they’re speaking to your soul. Jeopardy. Saying I love you. Late night junk food binges. Shooting the shit. And especially the no-destination-in-sight long walks.” Condell said that she does not want a funeral no any tributes but asked that her family and friends had one “really really great meal” in her honor. The note ends with the words, “I’m coming home, Dad. Make some room up on that cloud and turn the Motown up. I’m really sorry mama.”

3. Condell’s Last Instagram Posts Showed Her Traveling the World; the Last Showed Her in Vietnam on January 3

Condell said on her LinkedIn page that she had a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from San Francisco State University and attained a master’s in clinical nutrition from New York University in 2016. Condell’s Instagram posts followed her travels around the world. On January 3, Condell posted a photo showing her eating in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The previous photo, from November 2018, showed Condell in Peru.

4. Condell Was Mixed-Race & Spoke Chinese Fluently

On her bio at Top Balance Nutrition’s website, Condell listed “food, helping people and science” as her favorite things in life. In a statement to the New York Post, Maria Bella of Top Balance Nutrition, said, “Tara was a talented dietitian loved by all of her patients and coworkers. But beyond that, she was a true friend who always extended her kindness to those around her.” Condell’s profile also says that she was of mixed race and spoke Chinese fluently.

5. Condell Debunked 2 Kardashian Dietary Tips in 2018

Condell debunked Kim Kardashian’s “diet lollipop” in an interview with Bravo in 2018. Condell said, “Especially for her target audience, who look up to her and probably want to have her body, she didn’t get her body by eating lollipops. A quick search of the active ingredient show there is no change in body composition, no evidence for that it would cause you to lose weight.”

Two months later, Bravo contacted Condell again regarding Kourtney Kardashian’s water tips. Kourtney had told followers to her app that mixing water with things such as cucumber and ginger, speeds up metabolism. Condell said natural water does the job just as good. The late nutritionist said, “[Kourtney] is encouraging people to drink more water, which is always good — but there’s really no quick-fix detox…. eat fiber, drink water, and get good sleep. Then let your liver, which is your detox powerhouse, do all the dirty work.”

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