Snow Bear’s Belly Button Was Made With Lobbed Snowballs

Clues to source of bear's belly button surfaceTwo people created Montreal's mystery snow bear navel without tools, says a witness who captured an image of a couple making the design on Montreal's Lachine Canal. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: Find CBC News on…2019-02-01T18:31:55.000Z

Snow bear’s belly button was created with lobbed snowballs, the creator Valerie Duhamel said in an interview. As images of the bear, which was outlined in snow on Montreal’s Lachine Canal, went viral, everybody wondered the same thing. How did the geniuses behind the bear give it a belly button without leaving any tracks behind?

Duhamel finally put the world out of its collective misery in a February 1 interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She said, “It was five snowballs thrown in the same place. And I never would have thought my bear would be all over the media.” The snow bear has been estimated at being around 12 feet wide. Meaning Duhamel would have thrown the five snowballs from six feet away, her aim had to be spot on. At the time the bear was created, the temperature is estimated to have been around 20 below.

The bear first appeared on the night of January 29, in the Montreal neighborhood Saint-Henri. Wind sadly destroyed the bear within a day of its creation. CBC reports that it is illegal for people to walk on the canal when it is frozen over for obvious safety concerns. It is however legal to walk on the ice at nearby La Mauricie National Parl.

CBC’s Kate McKenna had asked viewers to help solve the mystery of the belly button. McKenna’s colleague, Louise Martin, was one of the first to guess that it was created using snowballs.

Other guesses some kind of Olympic style leap, a hockey stick or perhaps even a bird who landed awkwardly in the space, making it all a coincedence. The temperature ruled out the use of drones as drone batteries to not last very long in below freezing weather.

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