Edith Gonzalez’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

edith gonzalez family

Instagram Edith Gonzalez's family includes her husband.

The Mexican actress Edith Gonzalez, who has tragically passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer, leaves behind a husband and a teenage daughter.

Tributes flooded in as news of Gonzalez’s untimely death broke on June 13, 2019. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016, although her official cause of death was not released. However, she had gone public with her fight against the disease, labeling herself a fighter. Through it all, stood Gonzalez’s close family.

Here’s what you need to know about Gonzalez’s family:

1. Edith Gonzalez’s Husband, an Economist, Once Called Her ‘My Guardian Angel’

Since 2010, Edith Gonzalez was married to an economist and law firm director by the name of Lorenzo Lazo. There are many interviews each gave throughout the years in which they spoke glowingly of the other.

As his wife battled ovarian cancer, Lorenzo Lazo remained steadfastly at her side. They appeared on magazine covers together and at events.

“She is my guardian angel, she is my great blessing of my life,” Lorenzo once said of his wife.

“He is a man of very deep beliefs. Lorenzo is smart,” she said in return, according to HOLA! magazine. “And not only possessor of a great intellectual intelligence, also emotional. He is a man in every sense of the word.”

2. Edith Gonzalez Is Survived by a Teenage Daughter Named Constanza

Edith Gonzalez and her daughter Constanza

Getty/InstagramEdith Gonzalez and her daughter Constanza

Edith Gonzalez left behind a child, Constanza, 15, with a former politician boyfriend. She frequently posted about the girl on her Instagram page.

You can read more about Gonzalez’s daughter here.

Lazo appeared close to Constanza, once saying of the girl, “She is fine, she is happy, she is a good girl, she is a tender girl, she is a girl with a heart and so what we have tried to inculcate is that she is very González.”

3. Edith’s Husband Was Director of a Law Firm

According to the Latin Times, Edith Gonzalez was “currently married to Lorenzo Lazo Margain, director of law firm, Alemán Velasco y Asociados.”

The site added: “The previously stated law firm is owned by Miguel Alemán Velasco, who is the son of former Mexican president Miguel Alemán Valdes.” On one recent Valentine’s Day, Gonzalez wrote simply on Instagram along with a photo showing her with Lorenzo: “My love.”

Lorenzo Lazo posted a photo of a black bow on his Twitter page as news of his wife’s death spread.

According to Bloomberg, Gonzalez’s husband also “serves as the Chairman of the Board of CEOLL & M.M. Consultores S.C. He served as a Director of General de Seguros, S.A.B. He is an Economics Degree from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.” His full name is Lorenzo César Lazo Margain.

4. Edith Gonzalez Had a Romance With a Politician Who Fathered Her Daughter

Santiago Creel and Edith Gonzalez

GettySantiago Creel & Edith Gonzalez share a daughter, Constanza.

Edith Gonzalez had one very public relationship with a prominent politician. That relationship did not last, but it resulted in the birth of her daughter. Edith kept the romance a mystery for three years, but eventually it was revealed that Santiago Creel was Constanza’s dad. You can read more about the Gonzalez/Creel romance here.

When Constanza’s birth certificate ran in a Mexican publication, Creel said, according to People, “I want to say that this is an authentic record, I recognize Constanza as my daughter and I want to show my face here before you all.”

“Edith Gonzalez had previously been linked to Santiago Creel Miranda, the former government secretary of the PAN political party. They both have a daughter in common,” Latin Times reported.

People Magazine reported that Gonzalez spoke openly about her relationship with Santiago Creel, claiming the romance morphed into merely a strong friendship.

She said she “had a torrid romance with him years ago” but that now “the only thing that binds them now is a great friendship,” the magazine reported.

“I had recently gotten out of a very difficult relationship, and he was searching for new horizons in his personal life. Perhaps what united us in that moment was solitude,” she was quoted as saying.

According to that interview, Edith and Creel met at a bullfight when he was 25 and she was 14, and later became reacquainted at a benefit event.

The birth of Constanza made Creel speechless, according to People, which reported the politician initially wanted to “name her Guadalupe in honor of the Mexican virgin saint.”

5. Edith’s Father Taught Her to Live With Joy

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Edith Gonzalez has praised her father as being her role model. She once said she “had a great example that is my father, I’ve said it a lot, my father taught us to live it with love, with joy.”

According to IMDB, Gonzalez was “born in Mexico in 1964, as part of a well-off middle-class family.”

It was clear early on that she wanted to be an actress. Her mother took her to the set of a Sunday show at age 5, and she was discovered and began starring in telenovelas at a young age, IMDB reported.