WATCH: Copy-Cat Blue Bell Ice-Cream Licker Arrested [Video]

WATCH: Copy-Cat Blue Bell Ice-Cream Licker Arrested [Video]

Facebook Lenise Martin III

With licking uneaten tubs of Blue Bell ice-cream becoming the latest fad in the world of criminal mischief anti-sanitation movements, another person has been arrested for opening an unopened carton of Blue Bell ice-cream and licking the top layer of the dessert snack.

36-year-old man, Lenise Martin III, was arrested Saturday after deputies in Assumption Parish, Louisiana found out he removed the carton of ice-cream, licked it and ran his finger through the dessert prior to putting it back in the display case.

According to WAFB, management became aware of the video after Martin returned to the store and showed the clerk a receipt to prove he’d purchased the ice cream.

Management then reported the incident to authorities.

Martin was arrested and charged with unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity, and criminal mischief for tampering with property. Martin remains in jail and will have bond set by a judge Monday, per WAFB.

“We discourage anyone from copying this atrocious act,” a spokesman for the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office told WAFB. “It is illegal. It’s a health risk to others. We will pursue anyone we see do this. You will be charged.”

Buying the Carton of Ice-Cream Did Not Absolve Martin of His Crime

WATCH: Copy-Cat Blue Bell Ice-Cream Licker Arrested [Video]

APSOLenise Martin III mugshot.

In a small twist to the tale, Martin claimed that he should not have been charged since he had proof that he bought the carton of ice cream which he licked. This is not the case, according to Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office Commander Lonny Cavalier.

“Taking into consideration that he eventually purchased the same container is one thing,” Cavalier told CNN. “However he puts it on Facebook to gain this notoriety and at the end of the day, it gives other people ideas that are not the best interest of public health.”

Cavalier also told CNN, that he believes it was inspired by the video which went viral earlier in July.

“We believe it’s a copy cat incident,” Cavalier said. “He did it and he did want to create some notoriety for himself by posting it on Facebook and that’s exactly what he did.”

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