WATCH: Bagel Boss Guy Goes on Rant About Height & Gets Taken Down

WATCH: Man Loses Temper over His Height, Fight Breaks out in Bagel Shop [Video]

Twitter Man who lost his temper in a New York Bagel Boss

A video posted on Facebook showing a man losing his temper at a New York bagel shop because of how women judge him based on his height has gone viral. The video, posted by 18-year-old Long Island resident Diana Reyes, shows a man confronting other customers at Bagel Boss in Bay Shore, when they  tried to step in after he allegedly was being rude to a worker. The video, recorded the morning of July 10, also shows the unidentified man getting taken down to the ground by a customer fed up by his ranting.

“This man walked into bagel boss this morning flipping out on a worker that was making his breakfast calling her names and claiming she had a smerk [sic] on her face when other people got involved telling him to stop being rude and sticking up for the working this is what happened,” Reyes’ caption said. “He began ranting about women in the shop.”

After the customers stepped in, the man started a diatribe about his dating life.

“You’re degrading women, why is that OK?” Reyes’ friend, Olivia Bradley, can be heard asking before the man launches into a rage about how women judge him on dating sites.

“Why is it okay for women to say ‘you’re five feet on dating sites, you should be dead,’ and that’s OK?” the man responded.

“Who said that to you here? Nobody,” Bradley can be heard saying.

“Women in general have said it on dating sites you think I’m making that sh*t up?” the man responded. “Everywhere I go I get that same f*cking smirk, with the biting lip.”

What Started as a Rant, Ended with the Man Getting Tackled

bagel boss video

The moment the ranting Bagel Boss customer was tackled.

In an Instagram Live video posted later on July 10, Reyes and Bradley, both college students, explained what happened before Reyes began recording video. She said they went to the bagel shop to get breakfast and were standing behind the man in question in line before the incident began. They said the man was mumbling to himself and saying degrading things about the women behind the counter and got louder when he thought one of the women working at Bagel Boss smirked at him. Bradley said she then decided to say something to him to get him to stop.

“I’m the one who started a fight with a misogynist,” Bradley said in the Instagram video. “Nobody was saying anything, because he was very clearly just being rude and saying awful things to these women who were working behind the counter. And no one was saying anything.” She said she told him, “stop, they’re just trying to do their jobs, get over it, leave them alone.”

Reyes said she started recording because she was scared for her friend as the man got closer to her face. “My first reaction was to just start recording,” Reyes said, “Because God forbid he put his hands on her or anyone for that matter, I’d have it on video. It just escalated.”

That is when the video started. “He went off,” Bradley said. About what set the man off, Bradley said, “Men like that don’t need an excuse.”

As the man continued to lose his temper, several other customers tried to step in and calm him down. The self-described “five-feet” man was not having it.

“Shut your mouth you’re not God or my father or my boss. Dude you want to step outside?” he yelled at a man towering over him, shoving his body into the larger man.

“You shut up, too…okay then attack me,” the man said to another bystander who seemingly told him to “shut the f*ck up.”

In a video posted to Twitter, the man who started the rant was shown getting tackled shortly after he antagonized the attack. He was shown getting pinned to the ground before the video cut off.

“so [sic] in bagel boss this morning, the misogynistic douchebag seen in the video was degrading almost all of the female staff as well as other patrons. f*ck this guy,” the post on Twitter said.

You can watch the video below:

The video ended with some pro-bagel commentary as Reyes, who had been watching the incident said, “Oh my god, I just wanted bagels,” as she turned around and walked away from the two men on the ground.

Suffolk County Police say they responded to the Bagel Boss on Montauk Highway in Bay Shore about 9:30 a.m. but no one was arrested or injured, according to the New York Post. A copy of the incident report was not immediately available. Reyes and Bradley said the man who tackled the ranting customer left the store before police arrived.

Bradley and Reyes said they didn’t record what happened after the man was tackled, because everything became chaotic. They eventually got their food and left the bagel shop. They posted the video on social media to share the wild incident with their friends and said they were shocked when it blew up and went viral.

Bradley said in the Instagram Live video that the woman behind the counter who was receiving the most degrading comments from the man did not speak English as her first language. At one point he told her, “it’s not my fault you can’t understand me,” Reyes said. Bradley said the woman thanked her after the incident for stepping in, saying that the man had been scaring her.

“There was nothing that really triggered the anger,” Reyes said. “I guess he was just having a rough time in life in general.” Bradley said she posted the video on social media because, “This is something that should be talked about. Things need to be said, things need to be done about this kind of behavior. It’s not OK and it never will be.”

The Owner of the Bagel Store Is Now Turning This Video into a Marketing Strategy

The owner of the Bay Shore, New York Bagel Boss, Donald Rosner, has taken to social media as well, trying to shed a little bit of positivity on the situation.

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“A MESSAGE FROM BAGEL BOSS: After todays [sic] incident everyone is ok! Use caution on dating sites and anyone who comes into our locations and mentions this video can get a FREE MINI BAGEL!!!!!!!!,” Rosner’s post said.

Another Video Shows What Happened After the Man Got Tackled

A third video has been posted Twitter that shows what happened after the man got tackled and pinned to the ground.

“If you guys wanted to know what happen [sic] next, here ya go,” the post said replying to the initial video posted to Twitter.

The video shows the man continuing to steam over, as he is yelling at another customer.

“Get your food and leave,” one of the customers said.

The man responded by taking his order and throwing it the ground.

“You know what?! F*ck your f*cking breakfast,” the man yelled at the employees.

He then turned around and continued to yell at the employees after one of them can be heard cackling at him.

“All of ya! All of ya,” the man is heard yelling.

“You women need to stop being so f*cked up,” he screamed as he walked out the bagel shop.

Bradley and Reyes said he was “still mad” when they left. Bradley and Reyes said about six police officers arrived at the scene. They said that the first officer who arrived at the scene was a woman, and the man kept “going off” and yelling at her until a “man came and calmed him down.”

Bagel Boss told the New York Post that the man didn’t pay for his breakfast — a whole wheat bagel with one egg white and swiss cheese — before leaving the store.

The viral video has garnered millions of views and thousands of comments from across the web, including from the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Jemele Hill.

Authorities told the New York Post that no charges have been filed against anyone.

The Man, Identified as Chris Morgan, Has a YouTube Channel Documenting Other Confrontations Involved Himself In

In a recent development, the man who started the tirade against the workers in the Long Island Bagel Boss has been identified. His name is Chris Morgan and he has a litany of videos posted to his YouTube channel documenting other instances of confrontation.

His YouTube channel shows videos of him getting into it with 7/11 employees, police officers, library workers, bar customers, his neighbor and other random people.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Morgan confronted his misogyny, called himself a prophet and the modern day Martin Luther King for short people, hoping to spread equality for all.

“I have a mission. The girls hate me, they don’t like me, that’s fine,” he said. “I’m not stopping and the world is going to hear me. I want equality for everybody.”

Whether the man ranting in the video will have better luck on dating sites because of his virality is unknown, but one thing that is for sure is that he won’t be going on any first dates to this particular Bagel Boss anytime soon.

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