Amber Rose Tyson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Amber Rose Tyson

Facebook/Angelique Tyson Amber Rose Tyson pictured on her mother's Facebook page.

Amber Rose Tyson is an Instagram model accused of ramming into cars while in her Mercedes in Hollywood.

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. close to Western and Lexington avenues in Hollywood, reports KTLA.

Speaking to the channel, witnesses said that many around Tyson’s, 24, car were eating food from a nearby taco truck. This had resulted in numerous vehicles being blocked in. Witnesses told KTLA that the driver of the Mercedes became angry at the crowd and demanded the owner of a Ford Mustang, that was parked behind her own car, be moved.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Witness Described the Car Ramming as ‘Honestly Terrifying’

Amber Rose Tyson

Instagram/Amber Rose Tyson

A witness told KTLA, “She was screaming at all my friends, ‘Move the car, Move the car.’ So I tossed the keys to another one of my friends who was getting in the car to move.” While the owner of the Mustang said, “It was honestly terrifying, I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet. It’s insane, it’s nothing you’d ever expect to happen to you. It’s like, oh, you hear about that on the news, oh, you hear about that on TV, and then you’re sitting there, and you’re watching this car get rammed over and over again. It’s just this blatant disregard for any sort of human life in the way of that.”

2. Witnesses Say Tyson Returned to the Scene Before the Police Arrived to Attack Bystanders

HIT AND RUN by TATTOO WOMAN only in HollyweirdLAPD is investigating an irate woman was caught on camera over the weekend ramming her car repeatedly into another vehicle in a parking lot near a taco truck in Hollywood. The incident occurred around 2 a.m. Sunday on the corner of Western and Lexington avenues. A group of people ordered food from a taco truck…2019-08-27T14:52:30.000Z

After witnesses called 911, they say Tyson reappeared before police could arrive. A witness told KTLA, “She ended up coming back on foot and assaulting two people, slapping one girl and then punching another in the back of the head.”

Tyson could face charges of felony vandalism and battery in the case. At the time of writing, Tyson is not in custody.

3. In January 2018, Tyson Live Streamed the Police Chasing Her in San Bernardino

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In January 2018, Tyson was in the news after she led police on a pursuit through the Inland Empire-area of California. During the chase, Tyson live-streamed on Instagram from inside of her car. In that case, Tyson was accused of vandalism, evading a peace officer and a DUI, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said at the time.

The Victor Valley News reported that at the time of the incident, Tyson had over 90,000 followers on her Instagram page.

4. Authorities Said Tyson Was Drunk While Livestreaming the Chase

Amber Rose Tyson Facebook page

Facebook/Angelique Tyson

The statement from the San Bernardino Sheriff said that Tyson was driving a white BMW at the time. Officers from the Victorville Police Department said that they had received a call about Tyson’s car after she was reported to have been driving erratically. The sheriff’s office said, “A traffic stop was initiated, with the deputy activating the red lights and siren on his marked patrol unit. However, the suspect failed to yield.” This prompted a 40-mile long pursuit. Authorities say that during this time, Tyson “failed to yield at several stop signs and red lights, while traveling at high rates of speed.” The chase came to an end in Rancho Cucamonga. Nobody was hurt during the pursuit.

5. Tyson Was Sentenced to 3 Years of Probation After Her 2018 Arrest

Amber Rose Tyson Instagram page

Facebook/Angelique Tyson

After being taken into custody, Tyson was held on a $105,000.00 bail. In March of 2018, Tyson pleaded no contest to the charges was sentenced to 180 days in County Jail on weekends, according to the Victor Valley Court. She was given credit for 6 days served, and had to serve the remainder at a 50 percent credit rate. She was also placed on three years of felony probation. She must attend AA meetings and complete the 4-month AB541 alcohol rehabilitation program.

Since her arrest, Tyson gave birth to a son in November 2018, according to posts on her mother’s Facebook page.

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