Carla Waldman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Carla Waldman

Screenshot Canadian Carla Waldman is under fire, and under police investigation, for a racist tirade against Asians.

Carla Waldman is a Canadian woman who was caught on video unleashing a racist tirade against an Asian woman during a parking dispute in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, in August 2019. Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigated and decided not to file criminal charges against her.

““While we understand the contents of the video and interaction is disturbing and troubling, in consultation with the BC Prosecution Service it has been determined that this matter will not proceed to criminal charges,” the Richmond RCMP news release states,” the Richmond RCMP said in a statement on August 27. The investigation began three days earlier after the video went viral. “We can appreciate that the community here in Richmond and the extended community online feels strongly about comments made in the video, but we would certainly not wish for anyone to cross the line from spirited conversation to criminal cyberbullying. We must respect this individual is still entitled to due process and has a reasonable expectation of personal privacy.”

Waldman is seen in the video trying to squeeze into what appears to be her ill-parked car while spewing a racist and slur-ridden tirade.

Waldman, who tells the woman she’s not wanted in Canada because “you can’t drive,” then proceeds to use racist slurs and vulgarity all caught on camera. The woman, who had her mother and 3-year-old child with her, said she was angry but needed to first calm down her little girl who was frightened.

Waldman uses inflammatory racist stereotypes and slurs to attack the woman and then threatens her saying she should “go back to China where you belong.” Waldman told CBC News she’s not a racist. And it appears that she has Asian family members based on her social media.

Here’s what you need to know about Carla Waldman:

1. The Video Shows Carla Waldman Using Racial Slurs & Sticking Her Tongue Out During the Parking Disoute With the Asian Woman, Amy Xu

Carla Waldman, a retiree who lives in Richmond, British Columbia says in the video, “We don’t want you here because you can’t drive,” as she sticks her tongue out.

The Asian woman, identified by the CBC as Amy Xu, was taking her mother to a doctor appointment and her daughter, 3, shopping when she encountered Waldman. It was reported that Waldman apparently pulled in, crossing the parking spot line and hitting Xu’s car.

Xu tells Waldman she had crossed the line when she parked.

Waldman responds: “I crossed the line! You don’t know a damn thing! Go back to China where you belong. You f*****g asshole.”

As Waldman tries to negotiate her way into her car she continues unprovoked with her racist tirade.

“Chinky, chinky, China lady. Chinky, chinky, China lady,” she says in a sing-songy manner, then says, “You know what? You give you people a bad name. We hate you people. Go back where you belong. F**k you, you f*****g c*nt.”

2. Xu Said She Only Began Filming When Waldman Began Swearing & Her Racist Rant

Xu told the CBC that Waldman denied being responsible for hitting Xu’s car and then “asked where I’m from.” Xu told the media outlet, “I said ‘This is not the point, the thing is that we’ve got an accident here.'” And that’s when Waldman went off. Xu said her toddler was terrified: “The first thing for me to do was calm down my daughter, not argue with her,” but added that she’s “still mad about this. My kid was there and this is a really bad example for her. She was frightened and can’t sleep now.”

The CBC reported it spoke to Waldman who said, “I do not regret anything I said to her because she was a very mean person. I don’t care what they’re calling me. I am not a racist person.”

3. Many People Ignored the RCMP’s Pleas for the Case to Not Be Discussed on Social Media

The Richmond office of the RCMP took to Twitter to alert people that it was investigating.

“On Friday August 23rd, 2019 Richmond RCMP became aware of a video posted on social media about an incident at a parking lot in Richmond. The video was reviewed and an investigation was initiated by Richmond RCMP. Both parties in this incident have been identified and investigators have been in contact with all involved,” the RCMP wrote. And then asked people not to comment on social media about the racist incident.

“In order to ensure the integrity of the investigation and privacy of the individuals involved, we are asking the public to respect the investigative process and refrain from posting any comments on social media,” said Insp Sunny Parmar, Operations Officer Richmond RCMP.

It’s apparent that request has been fully ignored. Not only are people commenting about it, but on one of Waldman’s many Facebook accounts, people are not holding back in their condemnation of the woman.

4. People Blasted Waldman on Her Facebook Page

Waldman has at least two Facebook pages, and on one, people are able to comment publicly. And they are by the hundreds with many of those comments NSFW. And on another page, on a March 2018 post, nearly 9,000 have commented with most enraged over her racism. Hundreds of those comments are NSFW.

“Shame on you, shame on everything you said in that disturbing video, and shame on your racism! ? It’s 2019….wtf?! ??‍♀️
I really wish for you to find compassion and celebrate the fact that Canada is lucky to have so many different cultures! ?”

“I am not a racist person… excuse me while I say a bunch of ignorant and prejudice things to someone of a different race”??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️What an idiot! ?”

Similarly on Twitter, Waldman is being attacked for her racism as she is on a Vancouver sub Reddit.

“Classic racist. Literally the only way to not be racist is to admit that maybe, deep down somewhere and despite your best intentions you might be a little racist. What makes someone not racist is that they try to be aware of their unconscious tendencies and choose something better.

Carla over here probably has a non white friend, says “i don’t have any issues with (race X) because (arbitrary reason Y)” , and only says racist slurs when angry or after three glasses of white wine and nobody is listening. Because she is literally not hitler or a member of the KKK, those goalposts are moved sufficiently so she is not racist. /s”

The RCMP had asked people not to post comments. That ask may have back-fired.

“I was really bored a decided to msg her whole 51 friends a link to her racist goof bitch rant ??? gotta love copy and paste…. yes I gave her a whole 10mins of my time ??”

5. Waldman Appears to Have Asian Family Members & Was Defended by Some Who Say She’s Mentally Ill

On one of her Facebook pages, where people are able to comment on her timeline, some have argued that she should not be held responsible because she has bipolar disorder.

“I am Chinese and happen to live in Richmond which is the city this incident occurred. The mother of a friend of mine told him that this lady has bipolar disorder and has a history of manic episodes which causes her interactions to come off like this. So congratulations to everybody who has been verbally assaulting/doxing this mentally ill person.”

But that rationale was rejected by people who say mental illness, in this case bipolar disorder, is not a justification for racism.

“There are millions if not billions of people living with mental illness. The vast majority don’t act like this and often are the most compassionate of people. If she has a driver’s licence, she should be able to not hit other cars in parking lots, and respect the law and own up to her mistake. Most importantly, she should treat her fellow citizens with the same decency she expects for her.”

Heavy won’t share the names of people who are Asian and appear to be family members of Waldman’s, but they appear as ‘friends’ on social media.

Waldman posted on Facebook that she “began school” at a Vancouver high school. Some have suggested that she is working at the school. Heavy has not confirmed that and a request for comment from Waldman was not returned.

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