Jenni Lee aka Stephanie Sadorra: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jenni Lee Stephanie Sadorra

Facebook/Stephanie Sadorra Stephanie Sadorra aka Jenni Lee pictured on her Facebook page.

Jenni Lee aka Stephanie Sadorra was recorded living on the streets as a homeless person in tunnels in Las Vegas. Lee had previously been a prominent star in pornography up until 2016.

The video interview of Sadorra was uploaded to YouTube in July 2019 and was filmed as part of a Dutch investigative news program hosted by Ewout Genemans. It aired in the Netherlands on RTL 5.

In the brief interview, Sadorra identifies herself as being 36 years old. Sadorra says that living in the tunnels as a woman, close to the Las Vegas strip, is “not as difficult as you might think. Everybody is really respectful. People down here are good to each other.” Sadorra does not say for how long she has been living underground. has reached out to Sadorra for comment on the video.

1. Sadorra Says of Herself, ‘I Used to Be So Hot’

Jenni Lee (aka Stephanie S.) homeless and living in Las Vegas tunnelsShort interview of the former pornstar Jenni Lee (aka Stephanie S.) who is homeless and living in Las Vegas tunnels among mole people. Biography: Source: Video sample from Dutch TV show 'Ewout &' (episode one) aired on RTL 5.–410778/4bd092b7-0a9d-3614-a83f-bc06c744f3162019-07-26T13:19:09.000Z

Sadorra describes herself as being “happy” living under the ground. When discussing her career, Sadorra says, “I actually got very famous. I should still be top 100 on some list… I used to be so hot.” According to PornHub statistics, Sadorra is ranked as the 215 most popular actress on the site with over 45,000 subscribers to her content. She has accumulated over 135 million video views on the site.

When asked if she could get out of living in the tunnels, Sadorra said that she could but she may not want to. Sadorra said that the hardships of living underground created “camaraderie” among those who dwell in the tunnels. Sadorra did admit that it took time to adjust to living without such conveniences as running water. At one stage, Sadorra says, “I’m happy. I have everything I need here.”

2. Sadorra Appeared in More Than 100 Movies, the Last Coming in 2016

Jenni lee facebook page

Facebook/TheJenniLeeJenni Lee pictured on her Facebook page in July 2018.

According to Sadorra’s IMDb page, she last appeared in a movie in 2016 in a film titled, “Horny Housewives.” Prior to that, Sadorra had last appeared in a movie in 2014. Sadorra’s page shows 57 credits in total, beginning in 2002. While on Sadorra’s Internet Adult Film Database page, more than 100 credits are listed.

On her biography on the page, Sadorra says that she is a native of Clarksville, Tennessee, where she was born Stephanie Miller in February 1982. Sadorra began in modeling when she was 19 years of age and says that she began in pornography when she was 21 years old. At 22, Sadorra married, she divorced her husband in 2006.

3. Sadorra Said She Retired From Pornography in 2009 in Order to Concentrate on Modeling

Stephanie Sadorra Facebook

Facebook/Stephanie SadorraStephanie Sadorra pictured in October 2017.

In order to concentrate on modeling, Sadorra says she retired from pornography in 2009 “to concentrate instead on a career as a professional model.” The page lists Sadorra as living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sadorra’s career

According to Sadorra’s Model Mayhem page, which was last active in 2016, she describes herself as an “artist.” Sadorra goes on to write, “I LOVE what I do. Inspire me and I’m yours. Always professional, passionate and collaborative. Let’s do this!” Sadorra says that she charges $400 for a half-day of modeling work and $700 for a full day.

Among the credits listed on Sadorra’s modeling page are three appearances in Hustler magazine in 2008, including the cover in June 2008.

4. Sadorra Lists Herself as Being a Life Coach on One Online Profile

Jenni Lee

Screengrab via Naughty AmericaSadorra pictured in 2014’s, “My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend.”

Sadorra remains active on her Facebook page where, as recently as August 13, she has been advertising comic book related souvenirs for sale. Sadorra links to an Offer Up page run by a man named Robert. At the time of writing, the last public post on Sadorra’s page is a link to a fundraising page for her brother who needs heart surgery. As recently as May 2019, Sadorra was active on a motorcycle forum, Sin City Sportbikes. Sadorra says that she rides a 2002 Yamaha R1 on that forum.

The bio on a fan page for Sadorra says that she has two children. On a LinkedIn profile, Sadorra describes herself as working as a life coach.

5. More Than 1,000 People Are Thought to Live in the Tunnels Under Las Vegas

Living In The Hidden Tunnels Of Las VegasSubscribe! Watch How Fecal Transplants Save Lives: Shine A Light collaborates with Help of Southern Nevada. To help Matthew O'Brien and Shine A Light make a difference for the homeless, click to donate or volunteer: Seeker Stories takes a deep look at some of the world's most unique individuals, places, and cultures.…2015-03-26T13:00:00.000Z

Estimates say that more than 1,000 people living in the tunnels beneath Las Vegas. The tunnels that the homeless people live in were built by the city to help against flash flooding. In 2014, Vice Magazine estimated the number to be closer to 1,500.

The author of “Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas,” Matthew O’Brien, told ABC News in 2015 about the realities of living in the tunnels saying, “They can be very dangerous. A lot of [the dwellers] are really good about communicating with each other about when it’s about to rain, so they can just grab their valuables and get out, and leave everything else behind.”

A 2016 feature on the homeless population in the tunnels in the Guardian described the dwellers as a mix of “full-time wage workers, panhandlers and self-described hustlers.”

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