Brandi Sanchez, NYPD Lieutenant, Accused of Having Sex on Duty

Brandi Sanchez

Sanchez pictured on her Facebook page in September 2015.

Lt. Brandi Sanchez is accused of having sex with Sgt. Lambros Gavalas while on duty. Sanchez has a child with Deputy inspector Timothy Skretch.

The New York Post and the New York Daily News both published stories on Sanchez, 38, and Gavalas’ antics on January 21. Both tabloids detail that on the night of January 18, Sanchez and Gavalas, 46, were accused of having drunken sex in a bathroom stall on the 12th floor of 90 Church Street in Manhattan’s swanky Tribeca neighborhood.

Sanchez’s Salary Was Over $100,000 in 2018

timothy skretch

Deputy Inspector Timothy Skretch.

Both newspapers report that Sanchez has a child with and lives with Deputy Inspector Timothy Skretch of Brooklyn’s 79th Precinct. Skretch is the commanding officer of the precinct. Sanchez has been with the department since 2004. Online records show that Sanchez’s salary in 2018 was $109,360 which included 123 hours of overtime. Online records show that Sanchez lives in Lindenhurst, New York. While Deputy inspector Skretch was paid $131,007 in 2018.

Tabloid Reports Say Sanchez Was Wearing a ‘Black Coat, Burgundy Dress & Black Shoes’ When She Was Found

Brandi Sanchez Photos

Facebook/Brandi Sanchez

The New York Post reports that the pair were caught five minutes before Sanchez’s shift was due to end around 6:40 p.m. Sanchez works as a plainclothes officer and was not armed or in uniform. The New York Post article says that Sanchez was wearing “a black coat, burgundy dress and black shoes” at the time she was discovered.

As a result of the allegations, Sanchez and Gavalas has been placed on modified duty. Sanchez was assigned to the NYPD’s Family Assistance Unit. Sanchez’s unit offers guidance and counseling to officers who are suffering with the stress of their job. Gavalas is the treasurer of the NYPD’s Greek Orthodox society. The Post quoted an internal NYPD document as Sanchez and Gavalas had been “occupying a closed stall, apparently engaged in what were believed to be sexual interactions.”

Gavalas & Sanchez Allegedly Met While Working in the Grand Larceny Section Together

Brandi Sanchez sex

Facebook/Brandi Sanchez

Sgt. Gavalas is assigned to the NYPD’S Grand Larceny section, the Daily News reports. The pair met while in the larceny unit, the article says.

The Daily News report refers to Sanchez as being “drunk and belligerent” when she was questioned and then charged with being “unfit for duty.” Gavalas has also been disciplined. While the Post, quoting from an internal NYPD document said Sanchez was “unable to be interviewed due to her compromised mental state.”

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this report included a photo of the NYPD’s 90th Precinct, Captain Mark Vazquez, and identified him as Deputy Inspector Timothy Skretch. The article also incorrectly said Skretch was the commanding officer of the 90th Precinct. He is the commanding officer of the 79th Precinct. Heavy regrets the errors.

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